Sexy underwear conjoined gear free away

Sexy underwear conjoined gear free away


As one of the essential items for modern women, sexy underwear has become more and more diverse with the development of the times.Among them, the conjoined stall -free sexy underwear is loved by women. This article will introduce its characteristics and use methods.

What is a conjoined stall and free sex underwear

Conjunctiva -free sexy underwear is different from ordinary sexy underwear. It is: it is connected to a conjoined underwear from the top and pants.Secondly, the underwear part has an opening design, which is very convenient to wear and take off, and it will not affect the aesthetics of the entire underwear.

Common conjoined stalls are free of affectionate lingerie styles

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On the market, commonly common conjoined stalls are exempted from emotional lingerie styles such as cup type, back -off, hollowed out, and so on.

Cup -type conjoined gear free -free erotic underwear

The cup -type conjoined gear is free of sexy underwear with high -quality stretching fabrics, which has a comfortable and personal sense, and at the same time, it also shows the more charming sexy display of women’s breasts.

Delosal conjoined stall free of addition to fun underwear

The design of the open -back conjoined gear free of erotic underwear mainly focuses on the beautiful display of the back lines, making women sexy and more layered.

Hollow conjoined stall free of order to free sex underwear

The hollow conjunction is free of sexy underwear to integrate the interlacing of air and vision into it, showing a different beauty.When wearing, it can better show the beautiful lines of women.

How to use a conjoined open gear free sex underwear

First of all, you need to pay attention to buying the right size. Even if it is designed, the size is too small, which will make people very uncomfortable.Secondly, open the underwear part, pull up the waist gently after putting it on, bring the hips naturally, and finally tie the back of the back.

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The adapted crowd of the conjoined gear free of charge of sex underwear

Conjusational open -stalls are free of sexy underwear for young female friends, especially those women who love European and American fashion trends and pursue individual and high -quality products.

Conjusational opening gear free of sexy underwear

A matter of emphasis on quality underwear can not only be used in private photos, but also can be worn as underwear and coats.For example, the skirt with a cup -type conjoined gear free sex underwear is more charming.

Concern to the maintenance method of free sex underwear

In daily use of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the maintenance of details.When washing, you can add a small amount of special detergent with warm water, and it is better to wash it in hand to avoid inferior vibration in the washing machine.Rubbing or scrubbing will destroy the fabric and fancy decoration of the underwear, affecting the overall service life.

Conjunctiva opening gear to free sex underwear purchase suggestions

You can try it on before you buy underwear to feel comfort and design.Especially for the co -style sexy underwear, you must try it on before you can decide whether to buy it.At the same time, choose well -known brands to avoid the problem of poor quality of sexy underwear.


Generally speaking, the style of the conjoined gear free of charge is diverse, convenient to use, and highly beautiful. It is one of the standard in modern women’s fashion trends.However, pay attention to details in purchasing and maintenance, so that the comfort and self -confidence that the native sexy underwear brings to women can be really experienced.