Sexy underwear express delivery

Background introduction

With the popularity of the Internet and the development of e -commerce platforms, online shopping has become one of the daily life in people’s lives.Many people have also started buying sexy underwear online, which has put forward new challenges for express companies.

The special relationship between express delivery and sexy underwear

When the traditional courier is delivered, the package is usually submitted directly to the consignee, but the sex underwear has its special characteristics.Many people cannot easily accept sexy underwear wraps from others at home, so many express companies need to pay special attention to this issue.

Anonymous delivery

Sex underwear is generally labeling on the packaging, and anonymous delivery has become a demand for consumers.Express companies need to ensure the anonymity of parcels according to the requirements of consumers, which requires closer cooperation between express companies and sexy underwear manufacturers.

Taboo label

In order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment or trouble caused by the appearance of the package, courier companies and sexy underwear manufacturers may cooperate to develop "taboo labels", marking the words "private items, not disclosure" and other words, thereby reducing consumption for consumption.The influence of the person.

Cooperate with time requirements

For consumers with special time requirements, express delivery companies also need to meet consumer needs through special partnerships, such as reservation or evening parts.

Logistics confidentiality requirements

For some more private items, consumers will ask courier companies to keep confidential during the logistics process.Therefore, the courier company needs to strictly keep secret during the logistics process, and conduct confidential measures such as special personnel handling and special box packaging.

Safety requirements

In order to ensure the privacy and security of consumers, the courier company needs to strictly consider the safety issues when arranging the delivery of courier delivery, and contact consumers in time when arriving at the destination, so as not to be wrapped by others.

Courier benefits

Interesting underwear and other items need to be more detailed obedient and processed, which may also bring a certain psychological burden for the courier themselves, and the psychological burden of the courier will directly affect their work efficiency and quality.Therefore, courier companies need to pay attention to optimizing employees ‘working conditions and improve employees’ satisfaction and work efficiency.

Process Optimization

In order to better deal with high -risk items such as sexy underwear, courier companies need to optimize logistics processes, strengthen employee training, master professional skills such as sexy underwear and other items, and improve logistics safety and efficiency.

Technical means

Express companies can incorporate the logistics process into a higher level of logistics platforms to achieve more accurate location tracking and the traceability of items.In addition, you can also optimize the process in the process of sending the parts through the offline order, intelligent faction and other means to reduce the errors caused by human operation.


The express delivery of sex underwear and other items is not a very easy thing, and the express company needs to conduct specialized treatment and management of these special items and strengthen process optimization. At the same time, consumers also needIn order to better maintain safety and privacy.

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