Sexy underwear is also known as

Sexy underwear is also known as

Sexy underwear is also known as

In addition to sexy tools, sexy underwear can also be accompanied by daily life, and the types are also very rich, dazzling.This article will introduce the common types of sexy underwear and how to choose.

I. Foreign play sexy underwear

Foreign -up sexy underwear is usually different from the design of other sexy underwear. It is specially designed for couple foreplay, such as drool towels, chewing gum bra, etc.

II. Interesting stockings

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Sexy erotic stockings can show women’s beautiful legs more beautiful, making women look more sexy.However, choose the size and style that suits you.

III. Witch girl sexy underwear

This style of underwear often has dark red or purple such as black or purple, high -waisted shorts and tight hip skirts, multi -layered hard gauze skirts or loose kimono, which will create a mysterious female image for you.

IV. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is more designed for sexy pursuit, and does not pay attention to the comfort of daily life.Some people like to choose lace or exposed styles to satisfy sexy demands.

V. Maid sexy underwear

The maid’s sexy underwear reflects a service attitude. It is not only a sexy representative, but also a attitude of serving another person.This is also a choice for adult men and women to experience some unusual emotional life.

Vi. Tulle transparent sexy underwear

Type transparent sexy underwear is also a very popular choice. This underwear can create a sexy, seductive and mysterious atmosphere. It is one of the styles with high value in the sexy underwear.

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Vii. Adult products sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is decorated with some adult products on the underwear, such as jumping eggs, vibration rods, and sex plugs.It allows your sex life to reach a higher feast.

Viii. Stewardess loading sexy underwear

This kind of sexy underwear often makes the stewardess very sexy, and there are many postures that are also very exciting.Men can try to be excited through this sexy underwear.

IX. Commented sexy underwear

The kimono and sexy underwear uses traditional Japanese clothing as a blueprint. They usually have light satin, drooping levels, silk -wrapped chests, and some traditional Asian elements.

X. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first choose the style, size and color that suits you. The style that suits you is the most sexy, and you must consider comfort, so that it does not affect daily wear.

In summary, each sexy underwear has a unique charm. Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can maximize personal charm.Let us keep a sexy in daily life.