Sexy underwear live crotch

Sexy underwear live crotch

Explore the open crotch design of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy and private body care clothing. It has different design and exquisite styles. It is a must -have for stimulating lust and increasing sexual interest.Among them, open crotch design is a big feature of sexy underwear. Many people are curious and interested in it. So, is this design really practical?How to choose?Below, let’s find out this topic.

What is the open crotch design?

The open crotch design, as the name suggests, opens a crotch at the panties, which is convenient or easy to excrete. Its shape, size, location, and use, etc. are different.

Classification of open crotch underwear

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According to the position of the open crotch, the open crotch underwear can be divided into various forms such as the front open crotch, the rear open crotch, and the open crotch on both sides.

Open crotch underwear wearing a strong area

The front crotch underwear is suitable for women, which can relax the muscles on the inside of the thighs and slow down the fatigue of sexual behavior; the rear open crotch underwear is suitable for men, which is convenient for sexual behavior at any time while avoiding undressing during excretion.

The sexual function and practical significance of open crotch underwear

The sexual function of open crotch underwear is to increase the blockage and teasing of sex, which will make sex more exciting and fast.The practical significance of open crotch underwear is convenient to excrete or have private time, and it is also a manifestation of freedom of sex and liberation.

The principle of choosing open crotch underwear

First of all, consider whether the location and size of the open crotch can meet their own needs; second, choose fabrics with good breathability, soft texture, and high comfort; finally, you must choose the appropriate style, color, price, etc.

Applicable occasions of open crotch underwear

The application of the application of open crotch underwear is mainly the use of sexual toy props such as private sex, role -playing, SM flirting, etc., and it is not suitable for daily wear.


Maintenance and maintenance of open crotch underwear

Because the open crotch underwear is less wearing in normal life, special attention should be paid to keeping clean and hygienic when using it to prevent the clothes from being cleaned for a long time.

Sexual underwear purchase channels and choices

The purchase channels and choices of sexy underwear are also a science.You can choose a regular sexual product store or online mall to buy, pay attention to check the quality, size, fabric and other detailed information.

in conclusion

In short, open crotch underwear is a sexy, private body care clothing. Although the price is not low, it can increase interest, stimulate sexual interest, and play an amazing stimulus effect in sex.