Sexy underwear market reports in recent years

Sexy underwear market reports in recent years

Background introduction

As a weapon in the adult market, sexy underwear has attracted much attention from consumers in recent years, and the market size has risen.According to the latest market report, what are the characteristics of the development of the sex underwear market in recent years?

Market size increase

The scale of the sex underwear market has shown a continuous growth trend in recent years.According to data from market research agencies, the size of the fun underwear market in 2019 reached 1 billion yuan, and in 2020 reached 1.3 billion yuan, and it was expected to exceed 1.5 billion yuan in 2021.

Differentiated competition intensifies

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With the increase in market size, the competition in the sex underwear industry is becoming more and more intense.In order to obtain more market share, brand manufacturers have begun to create differentiated products, and launched a special series for different consumer groups to meet the different needs of consumers.

Rich in style

In recent years, the style of sexy underwear has also shown a diverse trend.In addition to traditional sexy styles, more attention to comfort and practicality has begun to occupy the market.Among them, the product line for female consumers is more three -dimensional and full, and the design sense has gradually enhanced.

The application of new materials continues to break through

The erotic underwear industry has always been the leader of materials innovation. In recent years, various new materials have been emerged.For example, underwear made of high -tech fiber materials not only has excellent warmth performance, but also play a role in weight loss and shaping.

Online channel rise

With the rapid development of the Internet, the rise of online channels has become an important trend in the sex underwear industry.Many brand manufacturers have begun to strengthen their official online store construction to increase brand exposure and influence.

Consumer demand differentiation

With the continuous progress of society and people’s taste, consumers’ demand for sex underwear has gradually differentiated.In addition to traditional sexy styles, underwear, which pays more attention to comfort and practicality, has gradually become popular.In addition, young and personalized needs have continued to emerge.

Curvy Plus

Brand effect

I believe everyone has heard of Victoria’s secrets, and the establishment of this brand has greatly promoted the development of the sexy underwear industry.Facing the huge impact of brand effects, sexy underwear manufacturers have also begun to pay attention to their brand building and enhance brand influence and competitiveness.

Industry supervision improvement

As an adult product, sexy underwear has always received the attention of the regulatory authorities.In recent years, relevant departments have strengthened their supervision of sexy underwear, severely crack down on some counterfeit products and illegal sales, and further enhance consumers’ sense of security.

Future Outlook

The sex underwear industry will continue to maintain rapid development in the future.With the continuous update of people’s aesthetic concepts and the increasing consumer demand, the sexy underwear market will show more diversified and personalized development trends.Brand manufacturers can start from four aspects of differentiation, innovation, quality and brand to create more competitive products to meet the needs of different consumer groups.