Sexy underwear novel Haotian

Sexy underwear novel Haotian

Fun underwear novel "Haotian"

Chapter 1: Encounter

Haotian is a young and promising IT engineer. One day he met Luo Ke, who was wearing a sexy underwear in the sexy lingerie shop in the shopping mall. The two fell in love at first sight.

Chapter 2: Pursue

Haotian decided to pursue Luo Ke and gave her a beautiful European and American sexy underwear, and the relationship between the two also deepened.

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Chapter 3: Love

The two opened a sweet love life, wearing various styles of adult sexy underwear every day, enjoying the beauty of love, Haotian fell in love with everything of Luo Ke.

Chapter 4: Misunderstanding

One day, Haotian suddenly received a text message from Luo Ke said that he would break up. Haotian was very sad and began to doubt whether he caused Luo to leave because of his preferences on European and American sexy underwear.

Chapter 5: Reunion

A few days later, Haotian accidentally met Luo Ke on the street. The two sat down again. Luo Ke told him that he could not continue to fall in love because of his career problem.

Chapter 6: Struggle

Haotian is very contradictory. He loves Luo Ke deeply, but he does not want to give up his hobbies. He began to reflect on whether his preference would become a stumbling block of love. He began to hesitate and worry about the future.

Chapter 7: Revelation


Occasionally, Haotian got a commercial inspiration. He decided to create an e -commerce platform related to sexy underwear to help more people find a beautiful adult erotic underwear that suits him. He wants to change his hobbiesBecome your own career and provide better services for everyone.

Chapter 8: Growth

After continuous efforts, Haotian has become better and better, and he has grown into a mature businessman and entrepreneur.Luo Ke also returned to his life, and the relationship between the two reappeared again. They wore a variety of sexual feelings of sexy lingerie and lived a happy life.

Chapter 9: Harvest

Haotian’s e -commerce platform is becoming more and more popular, and their team is getting larger and larger. They bring you all kinds of sexy underwear. Here you can always find European and American sexy underwear.Haotian knew that his success was inseparable from his love and persistence of sexy underwear, and he decided to keep this persistence.

Chapter 10: Thinking

Just like everyone has their own style, everyone has their own persistence and longing on the road of pursuing happiness.We must learn to adhere to our own ideas and pursuits, just like Haotian’s sexy underwear. Only by adhering to the original intention can we win inner satisfaction and happiness.


Interest underwear is not only a small item in life, but also a symbol of people’s pursuit of freedom and happiness.Keeping true self and the persistent pursuit of happiness, just like Haotian’s story, can get out of his own world.