Sexy underwear novel short story collection

Sexy underwear novel short story collection

Chapter 1: First Love Instead

Xiaoyi and Xiaoqiang are good friends who have known each other for many years. When they met in college, although they had an ambiguous relationship, they had never been together.One day, Xiaoyi specially bought a set of sexy underwear for Xiaoqiang and wanted him to have some interest in himself.After seeing Xiaoyi’s sexy, Xiaoqiang finally understood the thoughts in his heart and expressed his love to Xiaoyi.The two finally found their true love between each other’s bodies.

Part 2: Funny underwear clerk

Xiaoli has a strong interest in sexy underwear, so she came to the newly opened sexy underwear shop.But in the store, she was scared by a clerk who was exposed to everywhere, and the clerk aggressively sold some underwear that was not suitable for Xiaoli.In the end, Xiaoli politely told the clerk’s thoughts and then left the shop.

Chapter 3: Surprise of the Student Girl’s Love Underwear Surprise

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Xiaoling is a graduate student. She often attended a classmate party.At a party, she found that her boyfriend actually bought her a set of sexy underwear.Although she was a little embarrassed, she was still very happy, because at that moment, she felt that her boyfriend really cared about herself.

Fourth: Sexuality Fun underwear and marriage relationship

Xiaofang and her husband have been married for 3 years, and their feelings have become more and more bland.In order to stimulate marriage, Xiaofang deliberately purchased a set of sexy lingerie online.At the moment of wearing underwear, Xiao Fang forgot that he had become a wife, but returned to the period of love.This made her fall in love with her husband again.

Chapter 5: Interesting underwear destroys the female image

Some people think that women in sexy underwear are an un respects image.These underwear are only used to attract the interest of men, and will eventually destroy the image of women.However, we can also look at this issue from different angles.All women in sexy underwear should not be classified as the same category. Everyone should be regarded as an individual and lives and express their own style in their own way.

Chapter 6: Who said that sexy underwear is just for young women

Many people think that sexy underwear is a patent for young women, but in fact, sexy underwear is not limited to young women.Middle -aged women or menopausal women can also wear sexy underwear to make themselves more sexy and beautiful.In fact, age is just a number, and it should not cause any restrictions on our lives and hobbies.

Chapter 7: The change of sex underwear in the Internet era

The emergence of the Internet has provided people with more choices, and also caused a lot of changes in the sex underwear industry.Now, people can buy sexy underwear that is more suitable for their own styles and sizes online without having to enter the physical store.This also makes sexy underwear more popular.


Chapter 8: Learn to maintain sexy underwear

Make up sexy underwear correctly to make them more durable and make your sexy never retreat.First of all, you should avoid using a laundry machine to clean the sexy underwear.Secondly, use cold water when cleaning, do not use hot water or any powerful cleaner.Finally, you should let the sexy underwear dry and dry it without using a dryer.The correct maintenance method can make your sexy underwear gorgeous.

Chapter 9: Humanity learned from a sexy underwear shop

Working in sexy underwear stores can let people learn a lot of unique humanity, because each customer has their own preferences and needs.As a sexy underwear clerk, we must learn to respect and understand every customer who come to the store, and provide them with the best service as much as possible.This makes sexy underwear shops a place to understand and accept humanity.

Chapter 10:

Interest underwear is not only a underwear, but also a life attitude and expression.Everyone has their own preferences and souls, and we should respect everyone’s choice and expression.At the same time, correct wear and maintenance methods can make our sexy underwear more beautiful, durable, and even more environmentally friendly.Therefore, let us continue to enjoy the beauty of sexy underwear, and face everything in life with a more open mentality.