Sexy underwear open storage storage water

Sexy underwear open storage storage water

In the fashion industry, sexy underwear has become a fashion culture. Many female friends also like it very much, but the use of sexy underwear is always love and hate, because it brings a contradiction between comfort and sexy.This article will explore the problem of sexy library water from 8 to 10 paragraphs.

# 1. What is the opening of the stroke water

The opening of the stall database refers to the case where the length of the hip is blocked after opening the open crotch underwear. This state will cause tingling and tight pressure of the underwear, and it will also have a negative impact on the appearance.

# 2. How should I choose a sexual stall and the underwear?

Under normal circumstances, the opening design of the sexy underwear is to create more sexy experiences, and more underwear uses leopard, strawberry, sex printing and other styles, as well as various colors and materials to attract people’s attention.When buying underwear, determine whether your favorite color or pattern is matched with the clothing you choose.

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# 3. Does the opening design affect comfort?

The opening design itself does not affect comfort, but the material and workmanship of the sex opening underwear also play a great role.Therefore, consider choosing materials with good sweating, breathability and elasticity.In addition, underwear must be kept clean and dry.

# 4. How to put on a messy opening underwear correctly?

When you put on a sexual opening underwear, you must carefully check to ensure the comfort and beauty of the underwear, especially the color and special materials.To avoid too tight, try to choose the appropriate size to ensure wearing. If there is a case of opening the stroke water, you should consider replacing the size.

# 5. How to maintain and clean sexy underwear?

Sex underwear is usually high -end materials.In order to protect their quality, it is recommended to wash it with hand, and use a mild cleaner. Do not dry it in the dryer.To dry in a dry place, avoid sun or heat, avoid using bleach at the same time, and try to keep the shape of the underwear.

# 6. Is the sexy underwear opened for all body type?

The open crotch design of sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone.Therefore, if your personal body size is not suitable, you should not choose open crotch underwear to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.However, if you think this design is attractive to you, you can try some materials and designs that are more comfortable and more suitable for your own.

# 7. Fun -opening underwear wear occasions and time


In different scenarios, different underwear cooperation is needed, and sexy underwear is no exception.Such as private moments, fun -up breast breasts, top lace, etc., have a strong sexy charm.However, if it is a work occasion, it is not recommended to use the opening underwear, which is too exposed to bring discomfort to others.

# 8. What are the main functions of sexy underwear?

The open crotch design of sexy underwear mainly creates more physical interaction for couples, increases interest and stimulation, can better enhance the atmosphere in the process of companionship, and promote the harmonious development of couple relationships.

# 9. Will the open panties make women more sensitive?

Most of the design of sexy underwear files pays attention to women’s sensitive areas, so that women can be more emotional in the process, and interest can also satisfy men’s desires and needs.At the same time, in a passionate atmosphere, the opening design of the sexy underwear can fully relax women and deepen emotional communication.

# 10. Summary

The opening design of the sexy underwear can bring a pleasant experience between lover, but when using it, you should pay attention to choosing a solid and durable material, and choose a style suitable for personal body shape.The use on different occasions is also worth considering to ensure the best experience.