Sexy underwear picking novel reading

Sexy underwear picking novel reading

Sexy underwear picking novel reading

Everyone has their own choices for sex underwear.However, sometimes we have to give up our favorite sexy underwear because of the high price.In recent years, the reading of sexy underwear novels on the Internet has become the new favorite of many naked people, especially those who like sexy underwear and are afraid of buying.Today, let’s discuss this new way of buying underwear.

Novel reading analysis

There are many types of erotic underwear novels, including: crossing novels, urban romance, erotic novels, etc.Through the reading of these novels, we can better understand the design of different types of sexy underwear design, and let us understand how to choose sexy underwear of different sizes, colors, and textures.

Inquiry method

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Generally speaking, the authors of sexy underwear novels will bid the design and purchase address of the sex underwear in the text. Many sexy underwear brands will also advertise in the novel to advertise in order to promote their brand through cooperation with the novel author.In this way, we can understand what we like through the reading of novels and buy more affordable prices.

The advantages of novel reading

The advantage of the reading of sexy underwear novels is that we can unveil the mysterious veil of sex underwear, and learn more about the design concepts and wearable skills of sexy underwear.Moreover, when shopping, it is often disturbed by employees, customers and other aspects. It is not easy to make good decisions. Novel reading allows us to read and choose freely.

Novel reading disadvantages

The disadvantage of reading underwear novels is that it is difficult to understand the real underwear and feel, and it is difficult to intuitively feel the choice of underwear.In addition, because the product fiction in the novel is relatively strong, sometimes we need to do a good job of psychological construction to prevent shopping misunderstandings.

The combination of reading and shopping

Although there are many advantages in the reading of sexy underwear novels, it is not perfect, so we can combine reading with shopping.While reading the novel, you can go to the specific sexy underwear merchants for on -site purchase for different sexy underwear design and matching schemes, and can confirm the size, fabric, and feel of the feel by yourself.


In the process of novel reading, we need to wait patiently for the author’s or reader’s reply, and the process of buying goods will also be affected by factors such as express delivery time and logistics appeal.Therefore, we need to wait patiently during shopping and maintain a good attitude.In addition, it is necessary to be careful when paying online payment to avoid adverse situations such as fraud.


The industrial chain behind

Behind the reading of sexy underwear leak novels is a mature industrial chain, including sex underwear designers, manufacturers, businesses and other aspects.I believe that with the emerging consumption method of reading the erotic underwear novel, this industry chain will continue to develop healthy.


Novel reading can bring us a more comprehensive erotic underwear reading experience, and also bring us more shopping options.However, in the process of reading, you need to maintain a good attitude, pay attention to safety and identify authenticity, so that you can enjoy the fun of sexy underwear healthy and enjoyable.