Sexy underwear, rest assured to sell a little bit

Sexy underwear, rest assured to sell a little bit


The market for sex underwear has become more and more popular. Many people choose to sell sex underwear as their own career.However, there are many different brands of sexy underwear in the market, which is confusing.Therefore, this article will introduce some trusted sexy underwear brands to help you better choose the product that suits you.

Brand 1: Amoyee -Aimo Yi

Amoyee -Aimy can be called the leader of the Chinese sex lingerie industry.The brand has the characteristics of security, comfort, fashion.AMOYEE -Aimi’s sexy underwear not only has various styles and colors, but also very good quality.In addition, the brand also provides a series of sexy accessories, such as jumping eggs, sex airplane cups, and so on.If you want to find a sexy underwear brand that is carefully operated, AMOYEE -Aimy is worth trying.

Brand 2: Durex -Durex

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For many people, Durex -Durex is a very famous brand.In addition to condoms, Durex -Durex also sells various styles of sexy underwear.The brand’s fun underwear is reliable, comfortable and fashionable.In addition, it also provides some innovative sex toys, such as G -point stimulators, vibers, etc.It is worth mentioning that Durex also pays attention to ecological environmental protection when designing sexy underwear. This is also one of the reasons why many people favor the brand.

Brand 3: Ann Summe -Anfu

Ann Summe -Anf is a British sex lingerie brand.The brand has a history of more than 40 years and has always maintained its original design style.Its sexy underwear uses high -quality materials, comfortable, sexy, and is loved by many people.Ann Summe -Anf’s sexy underwear series has many types, from normal erotic underwear to more stimulating SM series, all of which are one by one.In addition, its erotic underwear is rich in color, and the form of imitating the form of fixes and animals can meet the needs of different consumers.If you need some innovative sexy underwear, you can try the brand of Ann Summe -Anf.

Brand 4: Victoria’s Secret -The Secret of Victoria

Victoria’s Secret -Victoria’s Secret This brand is a world -renowned sexy underwear brand, founded in 1977.The brand is based on the charm of women. When designing sexy underwear, it focuses on highlighting women’s beautiful curves and beautiful figures.Its sexy underwear is very good in terms of fabrics and tailoring. In addition, the brand provides different styles and colors.It is worth mentioning that the price of Victoria’s sexy underwear is high, but its high -quality anti -allergic fabric and exquisite design make it a trusting choice for many women.

Brand 5: YAMAMAY -Yama Kuer

Yamamay -Yama Kuer is a Italian sexy underwear brand.Its design concept is "sexy and exquisite".The brand has a lot of sexy lingerie styles, including various styles and materials.For example, cotton, lace, silk, etc.Not only that, Yamamay -Yama Kuner launches different series every year, such as Christmas series, New Year series, retro series, and so on.If you want to create a variety of sexy underwear shops, Yamamay -Yama Kuer is definitely a good choice.

Brand 6: Calvin Klein -Karvin Claine

Calvin Klein -Calvin Claine’s sexy underwear has always been known for comfort and simplicity.The brand’s sexy underwear is not only unique, but also of high material.In addition, its sexy underwear has been durable for a long time and has become a choice for many people.Although Calvin Klein has few sexy underwear styles, Calvin Klein is a great choice in terms of quality and cost -effectiveness.

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Brand 7: La Perla -Rapella

La Perla -La Pera is a Italian high -end sexy underwear brand, which was founded in 1954.The brand focuses on high -quality, high -end sexy lingerie, focusing on craftsmanship and brand image, and often invites world -class models and celebrities to endorse.Many people think that La Perla -La Pera’s sexy underwear products are one of the best high -end sexy underwear brands in Italy. Although the price is high, the quality and design are very good.

Brand 8: Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel -Lise Riming is a high -end sexy underwear brand from France.The brand is famous for its exquisite handmade and noble materials.Lise CHARMEL -Lesic Rharings’ sexy underwear design is noble and elegant, and the comfort and touch are also very good.Although the price is high, Lise Charmel -Lith -enlange’s sexy underwear is definitely worth investing.

Brand 9: HUNKEM? LLER -Han Kenmora

HUNKEM? Ller -Hamkemora is one of the largest sexy underwear brands in Europe.The brand has a lot of sexy underwear. Whether it is sexy underwear or warm underwear, it has a special design and texture.In addition, Han Kenmora not only did well in sexy underwear, but also various products such as casual pajamas and swimsuits.For high -end brands, the price is more affordable and the price is relatively high.

Brand 10: Agent Provocateur -Dangerous Brand

Agent Provocateur -Dangerous brand is a very famous British sexy underwear brand. The sexy lingerie is rich in style. While paying attention to high -end quality, it has further expanded the purchase choice of the lower consumer market.Its erotic underwear has various styles and themes, suitable for different people and different occasions.Its price is generally high, but the sexy underwear sold is high -end, and it is a trusting choice for many people.


The 10 brands introduced above are trusted sexy underwear brands.Different brands have different characteristics and positioning. You can choose the appropriate brand to open sex underwear shops, sell sexy underwear products, and provide your customers with a high -quality sexy underwear experience.