Shake in erotic underwear

Shake in erotic underwear

Shake in erotic underwear

A sexy erotic underwear can not only enhance the charm of women, but also bring some unexpected benefits to the body.Putting on sex underwear, you can get rid of your ordinary life and release your charm.Here are some suggestions about wearing sexy underwear to help you choose better and wear sexy underwear.

1. Buy the right sexy underwear

It is important to buy a suitable sexy underwear because it can highlight your figure and help you show your own femininity.When choosing a sexy underwear, try more brands and styles to determine the most suitable for you.When choosing, consider the fabric, style, color and size to ensure that it is comfortable to wear and in line with your style and personality.

2. Follow the quality of the fabric

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The quality of erotic underwear is very important because it has a direct impact on your skin.The sexy lingerie fabrics for purchasing should ensure excellent quality, good breathability, comfortable and soft touch.Good quality will make your skin feel good, and it will make you more handy.

3. Pay attention to style selection

The style of sexy underwear is also very important, and different people have different needs.A suitable sexy underwear can highlight your body and make you look more sexy and beautiful.Consider the styles you need, such as adding elements such as body shaping effects, back, back, hip and high waist, in order to meet your needs on different occasions.

4. Good personal effects

One of the most critical elements in sexy underwear is the personal effect.It can make your body more prominent and make your body curve more sexy and beautiful.When choosing a sexy underwear, pay special attention to its personal effect to ensure that it is perfectly attached to your body and create the best body curve.

5. European and American style

When choosing sexy underwear, you can consider choosing design elements in Europe and the United States.The European and American -style sexy underwear has a variety of styles and bold innovation in color, which is more in line with the aesthetic standards of modern people. It is exciting to wear out or on the bed.

6. Make sure to choose the correct size

The size of sexy underwear is also very important, to ensure that it is suitable for your body.If you put on the erotic underwear are not suitable for your figure, it will bring you uncomfortable feeling, and even affect your health.Therefore, be sure to choose the correct size.


7. Feel different materials

There are a lot of sexy underwear, such as soft cotton, shiny silk, soft lace, soft gauze, high elastic Modal, etc. Each material will bring you a different feeling.In order to choose the most suitable sexy underwear, you can try different materials and experience different feelings.

8. Buy a sexy toy

Interest underwear and sex toys can be used, which can make your sex experience more exciting and interesting.You can consider that you can match some sexy toys at the same time when choosing a sexy underwear to make your life more fulfilling.

9. Replacement of sexy underwear regularly

Interest underwear, like ordinary underwear, also needs to be replaced regularly.Whether you like a style of sexy underwear, you can’t always wear it, because after time and washing, the quality and close effects will change.Therefore, consider changing a new sexy underwear every other time.

10. General concept

In short, wearing a suitable sexy underwear allows you to release self -confidence and sexy charm from the bottom of your heart.Through careful screening and purchasing, you will be able to find a suitable sexy underwear, increase your charm, and further enhance your self -confidence.