SM dog slave sex underwear novels

SM dog slave sex underwear novels

Paragraph: Background Introduction

Interesting underwear, as a sexual condiment, is no longer a strange topic.Among SM players, sexy underwear is regarded as one of the indispensable tools in daily life, especially in the occasion of dog slaves.This article will introduce several sexy underwear that are particularly suitable for them according to the needs of dog slave SM players.

Section 2: Horse Eye Expansor

In the SM scene, dog slaves wearing horse -eyed expanders can effectively adjust, so that dog slaves feel the distance between horses and eyes, which continues to broaden, thereby completely unable to control their own forced.At the same time, the horse’s eye expansion can also show the slavery to the dog slave, and better meet the owner’s demand for dog slaves.

3rd paragraph: shell underwear

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Shell underwear refers to a sexy underwear that combines the shell -type restraint and panties.It can wrap the dog’s penis and testicles tightly to effectively control the desire of dog slaves.In SM, the use of this sexy underwear is often combined with abstinence tuning, allowing dog slaves to better feel the owner’s control of it.

Fourth paragraph: dog slave head

Dog slaves are a kind of sexy underwear commonly used in SM scenes.The hood can wrap the dog’s head, so that the dog slaves can not see the outside world at all, and at the same time, they can also use oral grooves and other devices for oral control.

Paragraph 5: Tail seal

In the scene of dog slaves, using a tail sealing device can effectively control the actions of dog slaves, so that it can better show the nature of dog slaves.At the same time, the tail seal can also control the dog slaves to better control the dog slave.

Section 6: Lock the penis ring

Locking the penis ring is a common sexy underwear. It can effectively control the sexual desire of dog slaves, so that it fully shows slavery in SM games, and it is also conducive to abstinence.

Seventh paragraph: ball -type restraint

The ball -shaped restraint refers to the tightly wrapped in the penis and testicles in a spherical restraint to form a action similar to a riding servant.This sexy underwear can help dog slaves show their slavery better and meet the needs of the owner.

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Paragraph eighth: cushion dog tail

Cushion dog tail is a sex toy that is usually used in SM scenes.It is characterized by a fixed tail on the seat cushion, allowing dog slaves to sit on it and become a "mount". At the same time, the owner can control the dog slave action by pulling the tail to complete the tuning.

Paragraph 9: Dog slave anal plug

Anal plug is a common sexy underwear that allows dog slaves to better show their slavery in the SM scene.At the same time, the use of anal plugs can also be tuned in anal tuning to bring more stimuli to the owner.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

In short, in SM scenes, sexy underwear is a very important element.By choosing the right sexy underwear, dog slaves can better show their slavery and meet the needs of the owner.However, in the process of using sexy underwear, we must also pay attention to safety to avoid excessive use of harm to health.