What is sexy lingerie?

Falling underwear customization refers to customized a unique sexy underwear based on personal size and preference.Customized erotic underwear can not only meet personalized needs, but also better present body advantages and increase sexuality and pleasure.

The advantage of sexy underwear customization

Compared with ordinary sexy underwear, sexy lingerie has the following advantages:

1. Perfect fit body: Because it is customized according to the personal size, the sexy underwear can perfectly fit the figure, showing the most beautiful curve to achieve a better sexy effect.

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2. Personalized design: Customized sexy underwear can be designed according to personal preferences and styles, which is more in line with personal aesthetics and needs.

3. Best production materials: manufacturers made by sexy underwear often pay more attention to details and quality, so the materials used are softer, comfortable, and breathable.

The process of setting in sex underwear

The process of setting up in erotic underwear is roughly as follows:

1. Choose a manufacturer: To choose a regular manufacturer, it is best to have a certain reputation and recognition brand.

2. Select the size by yourself: you can refer to the brand’s size table, or find a professional underwear master to measure the size.

3. Select styles: Choose the right style according to personal preference. For example, women’s underwear can choose three -point, lace suits, hollow and other styles.

4. Confirm the details: To confirm the details, such as color, fabric, accessories, etc., and whether it is necessary to customize, such as increased size, thickening, lengthened, etc.

5. Production: Production according to customer needs usually requires a longer cycle.


How to choose a sexy underwear custom merchant that suits you?

1. Brand reputation: Choose a merchant with a certain brand reputation and recognition, which can ensure quality and after -sales service.

2. Production and production process: Merchants with a complete production and production process and quality control process can ensure product quality.

3. Customer evaluation: Choosing a good customer reputation store purchase can eliminate their doubts.

How to maintain sexy underwear

In order to make sexy underwear longer, pay attention to the following points:

1. Hand washing: It is best to wash the underwear, which can ensure that the fabric and accessories are not damaged.

2. Separate washing: It is best to wash separately in sex underwear to avoid dyeing and wear between different colors.

3. Dry dry: It is best to dry in the shade and ventilation in the underwear, so as not to cause the fabric to deteriorate.

What should I pay attention to for men’s sex lingerie?

Men’s sexy underwear has fewer choices and market demand is not high. If you want to customize men’s sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Size measurement: The size of men’s sexy underwear is more important, and you need to accurately measure your size to ensure the combined effect you need.

2. Style selection: There are fewer styles of men’s sex underwear. You need to consider your own personality and preferences to choose the right style.

The price range of sexy underwear customized

The price of erotic underwear is based on factors such as materials, design styles, and production processes. Generally speaking, the price ranges from hundreds to thousands of yuan.

Is it worth buying sexy underwear customized brands?

Individual needs and economic situations vary from person to person. Customized sexy underwear requires certain funds and time, but can meet personalized needs and quality requirements. If you have this need, it is worth choosing a suitable brand to buy sexy underwear custom brandsof.

in conclusion

Sending underwear customization is a reflection of personalized needs. Before buying, you need to understand your figure and preferences, choose regular manufacturers, and pay attention to some tips during maintenance and dressing. Do not neglect.It is worth buying sexy underwear customized brands, and you need to do your best according to your needs and economic conditions.