Star erotic underwear takes light map

Star erotic underwear takes light map

Star erotic underwear takes light map

As an important type of sexy underwear as a sexy woman, it is loved by women and has also become an indispensable part of modern female underwent closet.In the entertainment industry, more and more actresses have begun to try to wear sexy underwear, and some improper operations often expose some unknown details.Next, let’s take a look at the stars’ sexy underwear to take a light map.

Zhang Ziyi

As a big star in the Chinese entertainment industry, Zhang Ziyi has been exposed to many photos of sexy underwear. The most famous of which is to take a photo of a magazine cover.In the photo, Zhang Ziyi wore a black mesh erotic underwear, which made her curve show, exuding a sexy atmosphere.

Li Xiaolu

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As a big beauty in the entertainment industry, Li Xiaolu’s figure has always attracted much attention.Many photographers also like to let her wear sexy underwear when shooting her, which makes her sexy at a glance.But in "Where’s Dad", Li Xiaolu’s sexy underwear was unexpectedly gone, which embarrassed her.


Angelababy is a goddess under the spotlight in the entertainment industry. She is also beautiful in sexy underwear.However, in a performance, her transparent erotic underwear was exposed to the vest line in the underwear, which destroyed her image.

Faye Wong

Faye Wong has always been hailed as a queen -level singer in China, and her musical talent and image are highly sought after.But at a concert, Faye Wong’s erotic underwear was loosened and revealed half of the chest.This scene was very worried about her fans, but then Faye Wong calmly adjusted the sexy underwear and continued to perform.

Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu, a post -90s actress, has been loved by everyone with excellent performance and cute image in recent years.And in some of her movies, she did not forget to wear sexy sexy underwear to show the charm of women.

Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei has always been the fairy in the minds of the public, and her face and temperament are so excellent.In some photos she took, she put on sexy sexy underwear, showing a sexy and charming side.


Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong is a newly promoted traffic in the circle in recent years. Her image is pure and sexy.In some activities, she also wore sexy sexy underwear to show the charm of mature women.

Yang Mi

Yang Mi can always choose a fashionable and avant -garde lingerie to show his fashion taste.Not only that, she also showed a hobby of eye mask while shooting movies, making people see another sexy charm.

Dili Reba

As the most influential actress at the moment, Dili Reba’s sexy style has attracted much attention.When filming the TV series, she also put on all kinds of sexy underwear to show her sexy side.

Lin Yuner

Lin Yuner is a Korean actress loved by Chinese audiences.In some of her photos, she also wore sexy sexy underwear to show her mature female charm.

In short, in the entertainment industry, there are more and more actresses in sexy underwear, and they show their sexy and charm through sexy underwear.But also pay attention to the proper clothing to avoid exposing too much details.