Star woman through sexy underwear

Star woman through sexy underwear

Star woman through sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, as a special clothing, has both practicality and unique sexy and interesting.There are often some celebrity women wearing sexy lingerie to show people, becoming the object of many fans.So, what are the celebrities who pass the sexy underwear?The following will introduce you one by one.

1. Victoria’s Secret Angel -Angels Love Angels

Victoria’s Secret, as a world -renowned underwear brand, has attracted much attention.These models are wearing various sexy erotic underwear, showing their proud figure and extreme beauty, and they are known as "the angel of love".

2. Zhu Yin -Hong Kong version of "Peerless Double Pride"

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Zhu Yin is one of the representatives of the Hong Kong film and television industry in the 1990s, and its sexy underwear in many films can be described as classic.Especially in the "Green Snake" they starred in, the blue sex underwear it wore was eye -catching.

3. Angelina Julie -wanton free and free and wild

Angelina Jolie has been regarded as the "rebellious queen" and "goddess" of Hollywood. The sexy underwear she passed through fits her wanton, free, wild and mysterious image.Whether it is acting or fashion, she has always been a never -compromised existence.

4. Xu Ruohuan -The beautiful and moving "French Treation"

Xu Ruohuan is a front -line actress in Taiwan. His sexy figure and beautiful style are in line with French style.She has a variety of sexy underwear, with both the "cute" sweetheart shape and the wildness of "leopard print".

5. Mrs. Beckham Victoria -perfect combination of fashion and sexy

Mrs. Beckham Victoria has always been the vane of the fashion industry. The sexy underwear she wore has highlight the perfect combination of fashion and sexy in terms of style and details.Its designer identity also injected more innovative elements into his sexy underwear.

6. Qian Songyi -Elegant and sexy both

The heroine Qian Songyi in the Korean drama "Descendants of the Sun" is well known.The sexy underwear she wears in the play has both elegance and sexy, especially her shiny silver -white sexy underwear is even more eye -catching.


7. Marilyn Monroe -Sexy Pronouns

Marilyn Monroe was once known as "the most representative sexy symbol in American history", and her sexy underwear has become a classic.Remember she sang "Happy Birthday" in white sexy underwear?That scene is known as one of the most seductive scenes in the history of film.

8. Lady Gaga -Unique artistic style

Lady Gaga has become a world -renowned pop star with its unique music and styling style.The sexy underwear she worn has also become an important part of her unique artistic shape, showing her vision and bold creativity.

9. Fan Bingbing -Chinese style of sexy underwear

Fan Bingbing’s sexy underwear in some fashion magazines has attracted much attention.As a Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing’s sexy underwear dressing more emphasizes the elements of Chinese style and is amazing.

10. Literary Goddess -Zhang Liangying

Zhang Liangying’s erotic underwear style has always maintained her literary style.The fun underwear she created has both artistic and sexy temptations, making her a literary goddess in people’s hearts.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear is not just a coat, but also a way to express self and show personality.Each woman can show her charm through the appropriate underwear, without having to stick to the traditional concepts and restraints.