Stockings Beautiful Legs Fun Underwear Novels

Stockings Beautiful Legs Fun Underwear Novels

Broken into the beautiful boss’s office

One afternoon, I came to a sexy underwear shop and wanted to buy some sexy underwear.After strolling in the store for a moment, I was attracted by a beautiful legs shown in the shop, and then I approached and thought about it.It happened that a beautiful boss also came out of the office and glanced at me.

The boss’s body and beautiful legs

When I look for the product, the beautiful boss lady, her figure is really good!A black skirt wrapped her sexy curve, making her full of hazy beauty.The long pair of beautiful legs wearing black high heels, slightly exuding a charming aroma.I can’t help but feel that I am bloody.

The doubts and curiosity of the boss

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When the boss saw me approaching, her brows were locked, and it seemed that I had any problems.I stepped forward, trying to show my sincerity, telling her that I had a soft spot for stockings and beautiful legs.After the boss heard me, her performance changed immediately. She began to ask me the question, curious to ask me what kind of person, how I knew these sexy lingerie.

Let the boss teach me how to choose clothes

In fact, I don’t know much about sexy underwear, but I found that the boss was very good at these products, so I asked her.The boss told me how to choose the underwear that suits you, especially how to choose stockings that can highlight your beautiful legs and curves.

Recommendation of the boss

Under the recommendation of the boss, I chose a black stockings. This color is more charming in my eyes.This sock is very fitted with my body, making me feel very sexy.I also chose a sexy underwear, which can fully highlight the curve on my chest and make me feel more feminine.

Suggestion of the boss

The boss also gave me some suggestions for buying products.She let me not just look at the price, but should choose the suitable product that is suitable for her.At the same time, it is necessary to consider my own way of wearing, so that the effect is the best.Her suggestions have given me more understanding and understanding of sexy underwear.

How to wear after getting home

After returning home, I couldn’t wait to put on the newly bought stockings and underwear.This black stockings fits my curves very much, and my legs are very slender and sexy, which makes me want to stop.At the same time, the newly bought sexy underwear also made me look more confident. I feel that the whole person has glowing with the charm of youth.

Stay Up

How to use experience

I am very satisfied with these new sexy underwear, and I find that this is what I want!In the process of dressing, they are very comfortable and do not bind the freedom of the body at all.At the same time, I also feel more confident and sexy.I am going to wear them in my daily life to show my sexy charm.

Knowing and outlook on underwear

Through the communication with the beautiful boss, I have a deeper understanding of sexy underwear.I found that sexy underwear can not only make women more confident, but also bring a feeling beyond imagination.I will continue to pay attention to these sexy underwear in the future, and pay more attention to my needs and situation when buying.

Analysis of stockings beautiful legs sex underwear novels

The experience of choosing a sexy underwear this time has made me more deeply understand the importance and charm of sexy underwear.Excellent erotic underwear can make women more confident and sexy during wearing.In the future, I will pay more attention to my body wearing, so that I will show myself more perfectly to show the charm of sexy women.