Supermarket sells sexy jackets

Supermarket sells sexy jackets

Interests of underwear enter the supermarket

In the past, people’s purchase of sexy underwear is generally realized through sex shops or online channels.However, more and more supermarkets have begun to sell sexy underwear.This is surprising, because the supermarket has always been a representative of family and daily necessities, and rarely has private and sexy products.Why do such things happen?Here are some analysis and thinking on this.

Adapt to the needs of modern people

Supermarkets realize that modern people’s demand for quality of life and sex is getting higher and higher, so it is constantly pushing new and constantly trying new products.And sexy underwear is one of the typical cases.People no longer regard sex as a "taboo topic". Instead, from the perspective of life, choose better and more suitable for their own products. This undoubtedly includes sexy underwear.

Provide a more private purchase experience

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Although the sex lingerie store also provides equal products, its location and store style often make people feel some negative feelings such as shame and inconvenience.In contrast, supermarkets provide a more private purchase experience.The goods are placed in a corner, dark room or other unspecified areas, which is relatively unnecessary.In addition, consumers who purchase sexy underwear do not have to receive goods through online mail or courier, avoiding potential security hazards.

Realize the diversification of supermarket products

The diversification of supermarket products is a principle of operating in supermarkets. The entry of sexy underwear makes supermarket products richer.In addition to buying daily necessities, consumers can also choose to buy sexy underwear to complete a "one -stop" shopping experience.Merchants such as supermarkets will also make a larger profit, because supermarkets can obtain higher gross profit than that of sex stores. At the same time, supermarkets can also benefit from new drainage.

Broaden love underwear sales channels

Interest underwear enters the supermarket and has more channels that can reduce the packaging cost and transportation cost of the product.For manufacturers and wholesalers, sales channels can be expanded through supermarket sales, increase sales opportunities, increase sales, and reduce sales costs, so that new products can be promoted faster.

Provide better product services and selling points

In fact, supermarkets generally have very professional service personnel, and there will be a more detailed introduction to products, quality and styles.In contrast, some sexy underwear shops do not have a real professional level, and I don’t know how to provide the best product services and selling points.Supermarket sales of sexy underwear can solve this problem, allowing consumers to better understand the characteristics of sexy underwear itself.

Improve the quality and shape of sexy underwear

With the increase in sex underwear to the supermarket, competition between brands is also more intense.In addition to the "hard power" such as prices, brands also need more excellent design, better styles, more and more materials and craft innovations.These have a positive impact on the improvement of the quality and shape of sexy underwear.At the same time, consumers are more inclined to have higher quality and newly designed sexy underwear during the sales process.

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Facing risks and challenges

However, sex underwear is also facing certain risks and challenges.For example, it may have a negative impact on the image of the supermarket.If consumers think that supermarkets take the opportunity to use prostitution and sell non -moral products, then the brand image of the supermarket may be greatly damaged and even leads to a credit crisis.In addition, some supermarkets do not pay special attention to the understanding of the product itself, which will also affect the sales of sexy underwear.

How to reduce risk

If the supermarket wants to truly sell the sales of sexy underwear and avoid negative impact and goodwill loss, then we need to take measures to reduce risks and challenges.From the perspective of supermarkets, it is best to understand the nature and sales specifications of love underwear first to avoid unnecessary mistakes.At the same time, you can also enhance the visibility of the products through the color coloring and pursue a more professional service attitude.

Interesting underwear enters the supermarket, the future development

As more and more supermarkets start to settle in sexy underwear sales, not only have expanded sales channels for supermarkets and sexy underwear brands, but also give consumers more choices.However, in order to achieve the sustainable development of sexy underwear, supermarket operators, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc. need to work together to do the design, quality and sales of sexy underwear as much as possible in order to eventually succeed.


All in all, although there are certain risks and challenges to enter the supermarket in sex underwear, it also brings new opportunities and choices to manufacturers, wholesalers and consumers.Supermarkets will continue to launch new products to become more diversified, providing consumers with better products and purchasing experiences.