Sweater vest transformation sexy underwear


Interest underwear is good for many women, but high prices are often discouraged.Therefore, this article provides a creative method to transform ordinary sweater vests into sexy sexy underwear.

Purchase materials

To transform sweater vests into sexy underwear, we first need to buy appropriate materials, and it is recommended to use sexy materials such as lace and mesh.These materials can usually be purchased in professional sewing shops or online.

Preparation tool

Moisturizing sweater vests require some tools, such as needle wires, scissors, thin needles, sewing machines, etc., you can choose suitable tools according to your own experience and needs.

Choose the right sweater vest

When buying sweater vests, choose the right size and style.Excessive or too small size will affect the transformation effect, and the choice of style will also affect the subsequent transformation solution.It is recommended to buy loose styles to facilitate post -processing.

Cut material

Next, you need to cut the selected materials into the required shape and size according to your design ideas.Pay attention to leaving the edges for easy sewing.

Sewing material

When sewing materials, you need to choose the corresponding line head according to the characteristics of the material.For lace, mesh and other materials, it is recommended to use fine needle heads and thin lines to avoid damaging materials.

Decorative details

After the sewing is completed, decorative details can be added as needed, such as bow, beads, etc. to increase the fashion and appearance attractiveness of sexy underwear.


After the sweater vest is transformed into a sexy underwear, it needs to be matched with appropriate clothing.It is recommended to pair with sexy skirts or hot pants, with high heels and exquisite jewelry, so that you are eye -catching at a date or party.


During the transformation, pay attention to safety and avoid using too sharp or sharp tools to avoid damage.When wearing, pay attention to your appropriate size so as not to wear uncomfortable or affect health.

Point of view

The transformation of sweater vests into sexy underwear is an economical and creative way, which not only saves family expenses, but also meets women’s needs for fashion and sexy.At the same time, I also remind everyone that they should pay attention to their own health and safety while enjoying beauty.

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