Swipe erotic underwear

Swipe erotic underwear

Mouth ball sex lingerie: the perfect combination of beauty and interest

When talking about sexy underwear, what do you think of?Sexy costumes?Visible rope?And what about the sexual spherical underwear?It may not be as wild as blind, but it has its own uniqueness.In this article, we will study in -depth oral and sexy underwear.what is it?What styles and accessories does it have?In short, we will answer all your questions.

Mouth ball sex lingerie: What is it?

First of all, we need to clarify what the mouthball sex lingerie is.Mouth -ball erotic underwear is a hormonal underwear worn on the mouth.Compared with other types of sexy underwear, mouth ball sex lingerie has its own unique characteristics.Because wearing a mouthball, reducing the freedom of breathing and speech can make people feel a romantic constraint, thereby increasing the characteristics of interest.In the BDSM (Bondage & Discipline,? Sadism & Masochism, slavery and abuse) The oral balls in the game are a very popular prop.

Mouth ball sex underwear: style

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There are many styles of mouthball erotic underwear.Below we will list some of the most popular.

1. Hard sphere: Hard sphere is a relatively classic mouthball erotic underwear. It is a solid that is wrapped in leather or silicone, and tight with a rope or metal clip.This kind of mouthball can effectively prevent the wearer from speaking, but they are not very comfortable.If we wear too long, this kind of mouthball will cause the wearer to feel the pain of the mouth.

2. Soft mouth ball: Compared with the hard mouth ball, the soft mouth ball is usually more comfortable.This kind of mouthball is usually made of silicone or latex, and they are adsorbed into the wearer’s mouth.The size of this ball can be adjusted as needed, and the wearer can control the words by easily bite or release it.

3. Size can adjust the mouth ball: This type of mouthball has the open portable port, which can change the size and the suspension length.Some mouthball even contains nozzle.

Mouth ball sex lingerie: accessories

In addition to the style, the spoils of the spherical balls can also be paired with a series of accessories to bring different feelings to the wearer.

1. Rope: The rope can be tied to the head or on the neck. It is an excellent way of restraint.If the wearer tries to remove them, the rope can be used to punish.

2. Cervical buckle: Cervical buckle is usually used in oral underwear, and the mouthball is taken in the entrance through the neck buckle.This sexy underwear can effectively avoid sliding or falling in the mouth.

3. Hook: Hook is a rope or metal bar, which can be used in combination with several other accessories (like wigs, nasal rings).Although it is too complicated for beginners of mouthball, it is very popular in BDSM games.


Mouth ball sex underwear: wearing skills

It requires certain skills and precautions to wear a pointed underwear.Here are some simple suggestions:

1. First of all, make sure that the mouthball is not too tight or other devices to avoid over -tightening the mouth to prevent the oral cavity from being harmed.

2. In addition, it is necessary to determine whether the size of the mouthball is suitable for the wearer.

3. One of the important suggestions is to determine the safety words of the wearer. Used under extreme circumstances, for example, when the wearer needs to say "no".

Mouth ball sex underwear: applicable occasions

Want to wear oral balls in sex underwear?Don’t forget the occasions of wearing.Because the mouthball can prevent words, and it is easy to feel urgent at the head, this sexy underwear is not suitable for all situations.Give you some applicable scenarios: plot role performance, BDSM game and boudoir games.

Mouth ball sex lingerie: cleaning and maintenance

Whenever you wear a mouthful of sexy underwear, you need to clean and maintain regularly.

1. It is best to use a special cleaner to clean the mouth ball.If you don’t know how to clean it, you can consult a store or online tutorial.

2. The parts in the mouthball should avoid water contact, just use a dry cloth to wipe them.If you need to clean it deeper, you can remove the mouthball.

3. After wearing it, store the mouth balloon in a dry place and avoid sunlight.

Mouth ball sex lingerie: tips

Finally, give you some additional tips about mouthball sexy underwear:

1. Never force others to wear a mouth ball!Wearing a mouth ball is a kind of decision to experience it, and it should never be imposed on anyone.If the other party refuses, respect their decision.

2. If you try to wear a mouthful of sexy underwear, it is best to have a partner to help you.They can ensure your safety, flexibly use related equipment, and deal with possible problems in a timely manner.

3. Finally, if you intend to use a mouthball underwear, make sure you and your partner have fully aware of the plot and be responsible for your safety for yourself and each other.

in conclusion:

Now, you have a deeper understanding of the style, attachment, and usage of oral and sexy underwear.By reading this article, you can use it better and know how to maintain it and how to ensure safety when using it.In short, using oral balls of sexy underwear, keep in mind the purpose of playing, and always maintain a safe and intimate attitude.