Take selfies at home for sexy underwear

Take selfies at home for sexy underwear

As a sexy and bold way of dressing, sexy underwear has been loved by women. Many women not only wear sexy underwear in private occasions to express their sexy charm, but also try to wear it in daily life to enhance self -confidence.And selfies at home are also a good choice.Here are some steps and techniques to ensure that they take beautiful and moving photos.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Different styles and different materials are suitable for women of different body and styles.For example, if you want to show your beautiful body curve, you can choose a tight sexy underwear; if you want to show your sexy and bold, you can try to show back or perspective sexy underwear.Be sure to pay attention to your body shape and wear when choosing a sexy underwear.

2. Choose the right shooting location

Choose a place suitable for taking pictures.The spacious and clean and clean room is the best place to shoot sexy underwear.At the same time, you can also use props such as curtains and sheets to create unique scene effects.

3. Choose the right shooting equipment

Camera is an important tool for taking sexy underwear photos.You can use a camera on a smartphone, or you can use a professional camera for shooting.Each device has its own characteristics, so when choosing a device, you must make a choice according to your needs.

4. The importance of light

Lighting is an indispensable element when taking photos of sexy underwear.Appropriate lights can make your photos more beautiful.It can highlight your body curve and skin delicate.The light can be adjusted with appropriate lamps, or the sunlight outside the window can be used.

5. The importance of posture

Putting a suitable posture is also one of the keys to shooting sexy underwear photos.Different postures can highlight some parts of the body and reflect sexy charm.You can try a variety of different postures when taking pictures, and find the best shooting angle that suits you.

6. Preparation before shooting

Before starting shooting, you must pay attention to your own shape, take care of a clean and neat image, and make the makeup instrument generous.You can adjust your complexion and mood to ensure a confident and beautiful state when taking pictures.

7. Bird’s eye view, back, side shooting

In addition to front shooting, bird’s eye view, back, and side shooting is also a good way to show the beauty of sexy underwear.When shooting these angles, you need to find a suitable angle, avoid confusion in the background, and pay attention to the expression of expression and eyes.

8. Different forms of treatment

After shooting, you can use various software to process photos, such as adjusting color, brightness, contrast, etc.At the same time, without changing beauty, some artistic tools can also be used to make interesting and unique photos.


Take selfies at home for sexy underwear photos is a new experience.It can not only highlight the charm of women, but also improve women’s self -confidence and bring more happy experience.In the process of practice, you need to pay attention to some skills and points, such as choosing the right sexy underwear, shooting environment, lighting, angle, etc.Just follow the correct steps, you can take some photos of your satisfaction, beautiful and touching sexy underwear at home.

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