Taohua Island sex lingerie color temptation


Recently, a group of beautiful women appeared on Taohua Island. They wore various colors and styles of sexy underwear, which scattered a sexy atmosphere on this beautiful small island.These sexy underwear is not ordinary underwear. They have rich materials, creative design and beautiful appearance of various colors.This article will introduce sexy underwear on Taohua Island, and how to choose sexy underwear that suits you.

Types of sex underwear

Interest underwear is roughly divided into four categories: uniforms, lace, clusters, and corsets. In these categories, there are many subdivided small categories.For example, in the uniform category, there are many uniform styles such as student girls, nurses, police, etc.In lace, there are many different styles of lace lace design such as shoulder straps, straps, and sleeve -type.The gathering class includes a variety of rich cup design, and the corset includes a variety of underwear suitable for different bands and materials.

Choose the ideal color

The color of sexy underwear is also a major feature of underwear. It is very important to choose the appropriate color underwear.Red is the most typical charm, which can inspire people’s sexual desire and enthusiasm; pink gives people a cute and gentle feeling; black brings a mysterious and sexy charm.In addition, there are various colors, such as colorful underwear, color and printing.

Pay attention to size matching

Choose a sexy underwear with the right size to make you more confident and comfortable.It is very important to understand your body, such as chest, bust, waist, hip circumference, etc.If you don’t know your size, it is recommended to go to a professional underwear store to try on and consult professionals.Only when you put on them can your beauty and charm be happier and comfortable.

Selection of fabrics

The choice of fabrics is very important. It can reflect the comfort and applicability of underwear.Common fabrics include cotton, silk, lace, polyester, etc.Cotton is breathable and comfortable; silk is smooth and soft; the sexy and exquisiteness of lace brings; polyester is often used for corsets, providing good support and personal feeling.

The charm of lace underwear

Lace underwear is the best in sexy underwear, which are delicate, fluffy and soft.Lace’s lace design and perspective set can show the beauty and elegance of women, especially the perspective design can create a mysterious and seductive atmosphere.

The sexy design of the shoulder strap -style sexy underwear

The sexy design of the shoulder strap -style sexy underwear makes them occupy a place in the sex series.This type of underwear often combines the design of perspective, lace and shoulder straps, giving a light and elegant feeling.In terms of color selection, the colors often appear in the shoulder strap underwear series are black, red, purple, etc.

Special design of the strap -style sexy underwear

In addition to the rich colors and material choices, the strap -style sexy underwear is characterized by its design.Some strap underwear design is combined with lace and mesh, and some are decorated with various sequins and accessories.

Sexy and dazzling sexual clothes

Interesting clothes are a stylish style in sexy underwear, but it cannot be underestimated.This underwear combines lace, perspective, and other icing on the icing on the cake, which increasingly evokes people’s desire.

Sexy men’s underwear

Interest underwear is not only exclusive to women, but now more and more men are wearing sexy men’s underwear.There are more and more types of men’s sexy underwear, including Boxer, low-waist trousers, briefs, G-String and other styles.When choosing men’s sexy underwear, consider the adaptability of the silhouette and the comfort of the fabric.


No matter what kind of style and color sexy underwear you like, choosing a sexy and comfortable underwear is the most important thing.Whether you celebrate your birthday for your lover, you have to make yourself feel more confident. This stylish, sexy, and fun underwear can bring endless fun and satisfaction.

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