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Sex underwear has gradually entered people’s vision as a special clothing.As an expert in sexy underwear, I must admit that the sexy underwear does have strong teasing, and it can even be said to be seductive.In this article, I will share some strategies for wearing sexy underwear and discuss the psychological principles behind it.

First temptation: a combination of sexy and mysterious

The original intention of the design of sex underwear is to attract each other’s attention and make it desire.A successful erotic underwear must not only have a sexy appearance, but also the element that makes people curious and mysterious.For example, the use of tulle, mesh and other materials can not only cover up, but also make people imagine.

Second temptation: highlight the advantages of the figure

The sexy lingerie styles suitable for people with different figures are also different.But in any case, sexy underwear must show his body advantages.For example, women with plump chests can choose a low -cut style. Lean men can choose underwear that emphasizes pectoral muscles.A good figure proportions and clothing will greatly increase the attractiveness of sexy underwear.

Third temptation: color choice

Color is also an important factor in sexy underwear.Different colors convey different meanings.For example, red implies enthusiasm and desire, and black hints mysterious and charming.When choosing colors, you must not only consider your skin color, but also consider the effect of matching with the opposite sex.

Fourth temptation: use details to move the other party

A successful erotic underwear is not only working hard on the style and color, but also to do full effort in details.For example, with clever design of the decoration of key parts to highlight your sexy.These details will be deeply imprinted in the opponent’s mind, allowing the other party to have an inexplicable emotion.

Fifth temptation: there are restrained exposure

Some people think that sexy underwear is open clothes, which is a misunderstanding.Real sexy underwear should be exposed.Too exposed erotic underwear may be counterproductive, but it will make people feel vulgar and vulgar.

Sixth temptation: self -confidence and temperament blessing

Interest underwear can indeed attract the eyeballs of the opposite sex, but a confident, gentle, and temperamental person will be very attractive to wear any clothes.Interest underwear is just the icing on the cake.

Seventh temptation: grasp of timing

You also need to grasp the time to wear sexy underwear.Too frequent wear may make the other party feel aesthetic fatigue, but it will be counterproductive.

Eighth temptation: pay attention to hygiene and maintenance

Interest underwear is close -fitting clothing, and hygiene and maintenance are very important.Choose the right detergent to ensure the cleanliness of the underwear, and pay attention to sun protection and deworming.A sexy underwear that cannot be hygienic has no seduction.

in conclusion

The temptation of sexy underwear is not only visual stimuli, but also on multiple levels such as culture and psychology.For those who want to wear sexy underwear to seduce each other, in addition to choosing the style, color, and details that are suitable for themselves, they also need to pay attention to temperament, hygiene and maintenance.Of course, sexy underwear is just a small auxiliary prop. What is really attractive is the charm of his inner heart.

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