Tender model cheongsam sex lingerie picture video


As a sexy underwear, the tender model cheongsam lingerie has always been loved by female consumers.This underwear is unique and fashionable, very sexy, so it is favored by ladies.This article will introduce the pictures and videos and related information of the tender mold cheongsam sexy underwear.

Style introduction

The tender model cheongsam sexy underwear mainly includes different types such as suits, long skirts, stockings, and accessories.The suit style includes tops and lower skirts. Most of the lower skirts are pencil skirts or A -line skirts, and most of them use a split design, which is more eye -catching.The long skirt style is shown in cut -type waist style and atmosphere.There are also many combinations of stockings.

Selection of color

The color of the tender model cheongsam lingerie is mainly black. The wearing black underwear can bring a noble and charming temperament, and it exudes femininity with moderate harmony.

Material selection

The material used by tender model cheongsams is usually lace. The lace material is comfortable and soft, helps to increase emotional feelings, and more in line with women’s physical characteristics.

With suggestions

The tender model cheongsam sexy underwear is suitable for high -heeled shoes. With shoes, it can increase temperament and make women more efficient and beautiful.


The design of the tender model cheongsam lingerie pays more attention to the sexy and romantic feeling. When wearing, it can tease men’s sexual desire, increase interest, and improve the quality of life.

Sexy element

The tender model cheongsam’s sexy underwear focuses on the display of sexy elements. The materials and styles used emphasize the sexy atmosphere environment, and wearing it to create a very charm of sexy effect.


You can choose to match the aroma candle on the bed or sofa, and use the sexy elements of the tender model cheongsam to stimulate the other half to achieve a more warm and harmonious interactive effect.

the way of buying

The tender model cheongsam sexy underwear can be purchased online on Taobao, JD, Amazon and other e -commerce platforms.At the same time, you can also choose wholesale or order on some platforms.

price tag

The price label of the tender model cheongsam underwear is slightly valuable compared to ordinary underwear. Depending on the material, brand, and styles, the price ranges between 200 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

View output

In short, the tender model cheongsam sexy underwear is a sexy, romantic underwear. Its chic style, detailed craftsmanship, and comfortable fabrics are to make girls more confident, self -love, and enjoy the details of life.Therefore, women in need can try to buy a tender model cheongsam sexy underwear, so that you add different fun in family life.

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