The clothes are transformed into sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is not only a kind of sexy and mysterious clothing, but also an art form.If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy sexy underwear, or you want to try some interesting DIY projects, it may be a good choice to transform clothes into sexy underwear.

2. Preparation

Before starting to make sexy underwear, make sure all the items you need are ready: old T -shirts, scissors, sticking, scissors, art silk belts, etc.

3. Irregular tailoring

The design of sexy underwear is usually asymmetric.Find the appropriate material from your old T -shirt, and use scissors to cut out a unique irregular shape.You can cut creative unique shapes, such as heart shape, V -shaped, leaves, etc.

4. Add scissors and silk belts

In order to make sexy underwear more charming, you can add edges or art silk bands to the area to be treated.Add some creativity to underwear.You can consider which color or patterns to use are more suitable for your underwear design.

5. Make the underwear more layered

If the effect you want is to make the underwear look more layered, you can use scissors to open a few small holes on the underwear.And install some silk belts or fashion accessories below.

6. Add different decorations to underwear

You can add different patterns or decorations to the underwear, such as cutting the heart, circular or star -shaped with scissors, put them on the underwear, and decorate it with art silk belts, embroidery or other jewelry.This design will become your unique sexy underwear.

7. Transform the chest ring

By cutting, cutting, and silk to bring a self -made chest ring.You can find old bras or dresses from the wardrobe or second -hand shop to make new chest circles with their materials.Try different colors, design and lines.

8. Old socks are improved into straps

You can cut old socks and make straps.Pull the socks and cut them into thin bands, and then use scissors to open a few small holes ones, and tie the silk ribbon on the underwear.

9. Last decoration

Finally, you can add sequins, streaming, rivets, or other decorations to the underwear, making the underwear more gorgeous, and the amazing effect will be revealed.

10. Conclusion

You can use the above methods to transform old clothes into your own sexy underwear, which can save expenses and allow you to create unique costume styles.This is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also an interesting and creative project.

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