The gameplay of sexy underwear open crotch pants

(Note: This article is fiction, please do not use it for actual use.)

The gameplay of sexy underwear open crotch pants

Sex underwear, a clothing designed to increase sexual interest and excitement.Among them, the open crotch pants, as a classic sexy underwear, is an indispensable part of intimacy.This article will introduce you in detail the gameplay and how to use them correctly in intimate relationships.

What is open crotch pants?

Open crotch pants, as the name suggests, is to open the crotch of the pants, a sexy underwear that facilitates sexual behavior.They are designed to increase the stimulation and fun of sexual life, as well as more comfortable and convenient ways to use.The types of open crotch pants are rich in different types and flavors, including thongs, skirts and lace pants.

Why use open crotch pants?

The use of open crotch pants can improve the interaction and sexuality of sex, increase interest and stimulus.They also provide more convenient ways to use, making sex more comfortable and smoother.In addition, open crotch pants are also a way to express personality and style, allowing you to have more choices in intimate relationships.

How to choose the right open crotch pants?

First, consider comfortable and suitable occasions.If you plan to use at nightclubs or gatherings, you must choose sexy, avant -garde and fashion styles.If you pay more attention to comfort, you can choose softer and breathable fabrics.Secondly, consider your preferences and body shape.Choosing open crotch pants that conform to your characteristics and taste can make you more confident and comfortable in sex.

How to use open crotch pants?

Before using open crotch pants, remember to warm up properly and do a good foreplay.When you feel full stimulation, you can pull down the open crotch pants down, expose the crotch, and facilitate sexual behavior.At this time, you can increase physical interaction and increase stimuli and interest.After use, clean and disinfect the crotch pants in time to maintain personal health.

Precautions for the use of open crotch pants

When using open crotch pants, be sure to pay attention to the occasion and safety.Do not use it in public or unprepared to avoid danger and discomfort.In addition, choose the open crotch pants that are suitable for your own, keep it clean and sanitary.Before use, clean and disinfect the crotch pants to maintain the health and safety of the private parts.

How to buy open crotch pants?

Before buying open crotch pants, you can first browse online sex underwear stores or other channels to choose your favorite style and color.For first users, it is recommended to choose a classic comfortable style.In addition, pay attention to choose regular brands to avoid fraud and inferior quality.When buying, you can also consult customer service or other professionals to understand the detailed information and precautions for opening crotch pants.

How to reflect sexy and exciting in sexy underwear?

When choosing the style of open crotch pants, you can consider choosing a more sexy and irritating style, such as perspective, hollow and lace.In addition, it can be paired with sexual emotional erotic lingerie such as jumpsuits and milk stickers to produce more visual and emotional stimuli.You can also try some fancy actions to increase the fun and variant of sexual interaction.

The psychological effect of open crotch pants

Opening crotch pants is not just a sexy underwear, it also has a certain psychological effect.It can increase mutual trust and interaction between couples, improve sexual satisfaction and intimacy.At the same time, it can also make you more confident and satisfactory, reflect your beauty and charm.


Open crotch pants are a classic and practical sexy underwear, bringing more innovation and enjoyment to sexual life.However, we must keep in mind the precautions used to ensure the safety and health of use.At the same time, you must also choose the right style and brand to achieve the best results and experience.

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