The idea of buying sex underwear

Background introduction:

In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually become a fashion trend. More and more people have begun to buy sexy underwear to regulate sex life. Therefore, sex underwear has moved towards the market and becomes a must -have in people’s shopping list.However, when buying sexy underwear, many people often have various problems due to lack of relevant knowledge.

Size issues:

The first problem is the size.Different brands of sex underwear have different standards, so you must verify the brand’s size information in advance when buying.

Material problem:

The second problem is the material.The material of sexy underwear is generally nylon, silk, lace, etc.Nylon is better breathable, the silk is delicate and smooth, and the lace is more sexy. When choosing, you can choose according to your own needs.

Style problem:

The third question is the style.The styles of sexy underwear are very diverse, including bra, conjoined, pajamas, T -shirts, and so on.You need to choose according to your own style and needs when buying.

Color problem:

The fourth problem is color.The color of sexy underwear is usually very bright and rich in color, such as black, white, pink, dark red and so on.Under normal circumstances, the dark color is more sexy, and the light color system is more gentle.

Matching questions:

The fifth problem is matching.The style and materials of sexy underwear are different, and you need to choose from different matching clothes.For example, connective installation can be worn alone or packed outside the clothes.

Brand selection question:

The sixth issue is the brand.Choosing brands with good reputation and credibility can avoid unnecessary trouble caused by quality problems. You can choose some large multinational brands.

Problems of buying place:

The seventh question is the place of purchase.Sex underwear can be bought at shopping malls, sex products, and online malls. Different purchases of places are different. You can choose according to your actual situation.

Maintenance problem:

The eighth question is maintenance.The fabric of the erotic underwear is very delicate, so you need to take special care.It is recommended to wash it with hand, and do not use washing machines or dry cleaning to avoid damaging the clothing itself.


The above eight problems are aspects that need to be followed when buying sexy underwear.Consider these issues comprehensive, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Therefore, when buying, you must consider it carefully to choose a sexy underwear that meets your needs and suitable for your own.

in conclusion:

Absolute self -confidence and beauty start from their own heart. Choosing a sexy and sexual underwear that is suitable for them is part of many people enjoying life, which will bring you different confidence and charm.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, remember to take into account quality and comfort, and choose the style, material and color that suits you, so as to achieve a better purchase experience.

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