The newly bought sexy underwear should be washed

Choose the right way of washing

Interest underwear is a special clothing, which usually contains some sexy elements, such as lace and mesh.Therefore, we need to pay special attention when washing sex underwear to avoid damaging its fabrics and shapes.For different types of sexy underwear, we need to choose different washing methods:

1. Silk/lace: For the sexy underwear of these materials, we should choose hand washing and use professional washing solution.

2. Satin/knitted: The sexy underwear of these materials can be washed with a washing machine, but be sure to choose a mild mode and use a professional washing solution.

3. Leather/PU leather: The sexy underwear of these materials needs to be processed separately. It is best not to use machine washing.You can use dry wet leather special cleaning agents for cleaning.

Avoid using bleach

Bleeding agents can help remove stubborn stains on clothing, but bleaching agents are still more dangerous for sexy underwear.Because bleaching agents will destroy the soft agent in the clothing and make it hardened.And bleaching agents can also cause clothes to become yellow.

Pay attention to temperature and time

Temperature and time are also critical for the washing of sexy underwear.It is necessary to ensure that the water temperature should not be overheated (preferably not exceeding 30 ° C), and ensure that the washing time should not be too long (preferably not more than 15 minutes).Otherwise, overheating and long -time washing will cause damage to the quality of sex underwear.

Use a soft agent

The fabrics of sexy underwear are usually tender and easy to harden.Therefore, when washing, it is best to use a softener to maintain the softness of sexy underwear.However, it should be noted that too much soft agent can also cause sexy underwear to become yellow or dirty.

Avoid using dryers

Although the dryer can quickly dry the clothes, the dryer is very dangerous for sexy underwear.Because drying opportunities to destroy the elasticity and fabrics of sexy underwear and deform or shrink.So it is best to choose the way to dry naturally.

Avoid direct sunlight

After washing, the sexy underwear needs to be dry naturally, but it cannot be exposed directly under the sun.You still need to choose a ventilated and dry place to dry.Because the sun will destroy the color and fabric of the sexy underwear, make it discolored or yellow.

Wash different types of sexy underwear separately

Different types of erotic underwear fabrics and colors are not the same. Therefore, when washing, different types of erotic underwear need to be washed to avoid collapse or damaged fabrics.

Wash the residual washing solution with water

After washing, the sexy underwear must be rinsed with water to avoid the residue of the washing liquid to stimulate the skin or destroy the fabric of the sexy underwear.

in conclusion

The above -mentioned wash precautions need to be paid special attention to ensure that sexy underwear can still maintain its sexy appearance and texture after washing.If you do it, your sexy underwear will accompany you to spend a lot of good time.

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