The novel of the hostess buying sex underwear

Her first attempt

When the heroine first heard her friends mentioning sexy underwear, she felt a little strange.But curiosity prompted her to search for some sexy underwear on the Internet, she was very excited, but she was a little scared.But she decided to try bravely, so she started her sexy underwear shopping.

Sexy and comfortable balance

The hostess tried on some sexy underwear. Some styles were very sexy, but they were not comfortable to wear, and some styles were the opposite.The heroine thinks that sexy underwear is both sexy and comfortable is the perfect choice.With the emergence of new technologies, some new materials can meet these two conditions.

Choice suitable for your body

The heroine thinks that sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear, and different figures are suitable for different styles.For example, for her, some styles are not friendly to her small breasts.She began to learn to find sexy underwear suitable for her figure, rather than blindly buying.

Color choice

The heroine finds that the color of sexy underwear is very important, and different colors can convey different emotions and personality.She chose some sexy underwear that matches her own character, such as purple and black plus lace, showing her mystery and maturity.


After many purchases and attempts, the heroine discovered the importance of the brand.Some sexy lingerie brands pay attention to styles and quality, while others only pay attention to sexy, but the quality is not good.The heroine began to carefully buy the sexy underwear of the well -known brand, which made her feel relieved.


The female lead believes that the price of sexy underwear does not necessarily represent its quality.She purchased some low -priced sexy underwear and found that some styles that were higher than the price were better.This makes her clarify that the higher price may not be able to buy the best quality.

Explore different styles

Although the heroine has chosen a sexy underwear that suits her, she still explores different styles with interest.She found that there were some fun underwear styles that were not suitable for her, but it was very beautiful in different women.

The experience brought by sexy underwear

The hostess found that the dressing of sexy underwear is actually an experience.She chose to wear sexy underwear in special circumstances, such as when special days or dating her boyfriend.Make sex underwear a unique and special experience.

The purpose of sexy underwear

The hostess thinks that sexy underwear is not only to stimulate sexual impulses, but also to express her own personality and style.She chose to wear sexy underwear on some parties to show her different side.

Conclusion -sexy may not be a trend

The rise of sexy underwear is actually a supplement to traditional underwear, and it gives people a choice.The heroine believes that sexy may not be a trend, so the purchase of sexy underwear should not only be to satisfy the aesthetics of others, but to express themselves.The most important thing is that the heroine feels that wearing sexy underwear should make herself feel confident and beautiful.

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