The president wears sexy underwear for her

Her new job

When she started a new position in a large financial company in London, Samantha was very excited.This is the perfect company she longed for, and her position allows her to get a chance to communicate with important customers.However, her boss had a strange request for her -he hoped that she could wear sexy underwear when meeting with customers.

Choose sexy underwear

As a young and fashionable woman, Samantha is no stranger to sexy underwear.However, for her, it is still a challenge to choose sexy underwear suitable for the customer meeting.She hopes that this underwear does not look much, but she has enough sexy and attractiveness.She decided to purchase some sexy underwear designed for this occasion.

Beauty but not too much

First, Samantha chose the black lace sex set.This design is both sexy and not too obvious.This will not seem to be very abrupt even in the meeting.

Increased self-confidence

Wearing such a sexy underwear, Samantha felt very confident.This underwear is not just designed for men, but for women.It can make women feel comfortable and sexy, increase their confidence and intimacy.This is very useful when facing customers.

Suitable for body type

It is also important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body type.For Samantha, the advantage of her figure lies in her chest.Therefore, she chose a sexy underwear with a low V, which can better show her excellent figure.

Different occasions, different underwear

For different occasions, Samantha chose different sexy underwear.For example, for a night with her clients in the evening, she chose a more sexy and obvious design, which can highlight her feminine charm.However, when she was going to the meeting, she chose some simpler and low -key styles.

Interest underwear cannot interfere with work

Even if her appearance looks very charming, Samantha is still very clear, her primary task is to complete the work.For her, wearing erotic underwear is just a task in work.She can’t let this task interfere with her to complete her work.

Successful and self -confidence

The end result is that Samantha’s new job is very successful.She worked in the company for five years, and when she left, she had promoted his leadership position.She believes that this has a lot to do with her self -confidence, sexy, and professional spirit.Sex underwear brought her success.

Don’t let the attitude of others interfere with you

Of course, some people may think that she is in an inappropriate behavior in sexy underwear.However, Samantha believes that in the working environment, this is just a job requirement, as required by any other Dress Code, she needs to follow.She cannot let the attitudes of others affect her inner feelings and confidence.


For Samantha, sexy underwear is a choice when she works, not a conspiracy or focus.For professional women like her, sexy underwear is a way to bring confidence and success.

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