The senior let me wear sexy underwear

The senior let me wear sexy underwear

In college, everyone has their own stories. This is a story between me and the senior.I think this story will make you surprised and shocked.How is this story began?

For the first time

I just entered college and was full of enthusiasm for campus and learning.My first friend was the senior Xiao Li. He came from other cities and had always lived in school alone.After a period of time, we became good friends.Once, he invited me to play in his dormitory, which was the first time we were alone.

Senior’s proposal

During the chat process, he suddenly said, "You must not dare to wear sexy underwear in front of me." My face was full of shyness, but this idea highlighted my curiosity.I asked him the meaning, and he told me the secret about sexy underwear.

Sexy temptation

Xiao Li told me that sexy underwear is the best choice for sexy temptation.It is characterized by dew and transparency.This is to satisfy the other half of the sexual fantasies.In this way, sexy lingerie has become a necessary product for holiday party and intimate night.

Open visual stimulus

He also said that it can provide visual stimulation in touch.This feeling is composed of the comfort and touch of the material and the inner sexual fantasy.For women, wearing erotic underwear can also help improve self -confidence and sexy, and can be appreciated and praised by men.

Gender Role Tone

Xiao Li then told me that sometimes it is also an interesting experience for gender roles.Women wearing men’s sexy underwear can show the feeling of king, and men’s sexy underwear can allow him to experience the feeling of being valued and weak.

The opportunity is here again

I have been wondering if my life will become different from sex underwear since then.It didn’t take long for Xiao Li to make a similar request again. He said he would give me a sexy underwear and let me put it on.So I promised his request.

Beauty shape

When we were preparing to wear sexy underwear, Xiao Li also provided me with some suggestions on beauty and shapes.He told me how to repair my personal image, how to make up, and how to hairstyle to better show the effect of sexy underwear.


After putting on sexy underwear, I feel that I am no longer the ordinary girl who does not think she is beautiful.Fun underwear makes me feel more confident and sexy. I argue that sex underwear is really a wonderful invention that allows women to break the restraint and show their charm.


So, in the early days of my college life, I changed me from a girl to a woman alone with a senior.I can not only be proud of my body, but also learn how to add fun to others.I believe that sexy underwear will become part of my future life. I also believe that everyone should give yourself a courage and preparation to try this exciting and interesting activity.

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