The story of the hip -hip beauty wearing sexy underwear

Day 1: Found Beauty of Hip -hip

One day, when I went to the mall to buy a sexy underwear, I noticed that a hot girl tried to penetrate underwear in the farthest place.She is tall, her hips are tight, with long brown hair and blue nail polish on her hands, which looks very sexy.I was involuntarily attracted by her figure and temperament and began to pay attention to her.

The second day: I decided to help her choose love lingerie

The next day, I came to the mall again. Surprisingly, I saw the beauty yesterday.She was trying to penetrate underwear, but she seemed not to be satisfied. I wanted to help her pick a sexy underwear.

Day 3: Introduce different styles of sexy underwear for her

On the third day, I continued to observe the beauty and found that her hip curve was very attractive, so I decided to introduce her to the sexy lingerie style suitable for wearing hip -hip beauty.I introduced her to the styles and colors of various sexual erotic lingerie, including three -point, underwear and sling type, and so on.

Day 4: Choose a sexy underwear with the right size

On the fourth day, I told her how to find a sexy underwear size that suits her.I introduced her how to measure her size and how to choose underwear based on the size.I told her that it is very important to choose the sexy underwear with the right size, which will make her figure more sexy and charming.

Day 5: Let her try sexy underwear and sexy accessories

On the fifth day, I invited her to try sexy underwear and sexy accessories together.I introduced her a variety of sexy underwear, belt and chest jewelry, which can make her body more sexy and beautiful.She is very happy and likes these sexy things very much.

Day 6: Choose the perfect erotic underwear with her

On the sixth day, I carefully selected the perfect sexy underwear with her.We tried through various styles of sexy underwear and found the most suitable set for her.The underwear immediately made her more sexy and charming, and her hips were more prominent and very attractive.

Day 7: She became a sexy girl

On the seventh day, she came to my shop to share her perfect sexy underwear feelings and effects.The set of underwear made her figure more perfect, and she now became a sexy girl, attracting the attention of many people.

Day 8: Fun underwear adds confidence to her

On the eighth day, she told me that the perfect set of sexy underwear really doubled her self -confidence.Now, she puts on underwear and accessories and feels very sexy, charming and confident.This beauty -lifting beauty has become a more sexy and confident girl.

Day 9: The charm of sexy underwear

On the ninth day, I want to explain why sexy underwear is so charming for women.Interest underwear can not only make the body more sexy and charming, but also enhance women’s self -confidence.Sexy underwear is a part of women’s self -expression. It can help women better understand their bodies and show self -confidence, freedom and vitality.

Day 10: My point of view

In my opinion, sexy underwear is a way of self -expression and sexy, making women more confident, free and vibrant.Introduce different sexy lingerie styles and how to choose sexy underwear to make their bodies more attractive, and also double their confidence.

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