The story of wearing a sexy underwear on the street


Many people think that sexy underwear is only suitable for private occasions, but I have different views.I used to try to go out in sexy underwear. At first, I wanted to add some self -confidence, but in the end I gained unexpected results.

The first time I wear sexy underwear to the street

When I was on the street for the first time, I was actually a little nervous.After all, the design is very different from the ordinary underwear in design. At the beginning, I was worried that it would be seen by others.But when I was walking on the street, I found that my pace became more confident, and even when I encountered acquaintances, I no longer had any uncomfortableness.

Choose a style that suits you

It is very important to wear sexy underwear on the street. It is important to choose a style that suits you.Different people have different figures and temperaments, and need to choose the design and color that suits them.And if you are not sure what style you are suitable, you can go to the store to try on or refer to the online dressing suggestions and matching methods.

With the right clothing

Interest underwear is not suitable for dresses directly as a coat, and needs to be paired with clothes and pants.Generally speaking, fun underwear can be matched with long coats, long coats or long skirts, so that people’s sight will not be too concentrated.And if you want to show more sexy, you can also choose clothing designed with exposed parts.

increase self-confidence

Wearing sexy underwear on the street can help increase self -confidence.External evaluation is not important, as long as you like it, you should try bravely.The confident attitude and gas field will also be more popular in social occasions.

Attention to the opposite sex

Wearing sexy underwear on the street will inevitably attract the attention of the opposite sex.At this time, learn to deal with it correctly.You can maintain a certain distance and smiling without aggressiveness, so that the other party feels your friendliness and confidence.At the same time, pay attention to safety and do not easily associate with people who are not familiar with.

Not only suitable for single

Wearing sexy underwear on the street is not a patent for singles.Many married or love women can also increase the taste and hotness between husband and wife through wearing sexy lingerie.You only need to wear appropriate sexy underwear at home or wear on appropriate occasions, you can bring more fun to yourself and your partner.

Need to pay attention to occasions and time

Pay attention to the occasion and time to wear sexy underwear.It is not suitable to wear sexy underwear on formal occasions, business meetings or restricted occasions.In more relaxed occasions such as at night or vacation, you can consider wearing sexy underwear with suitable clothes.

Welcome to your new self

Wearing a sexy underwear on the street will make you look more sexy and confident, and it will also make you discover the potential charm that you haven’t discovered before.You don’t need to worry about sight and evaluation, as long as you feel good -looking, you can wear it.Wearing a sexy underwear on the street allows you to welcome a brand new yourself.


Wearing sexy underwear on the street may be a bit adventurous and incredible for some people, but in fact it is a very interesting and beneficial experience.As long as you choose a style and occasion that suits you, wearing a sexy underwear on the street will make you discover more confidence and charm.

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