The story of young women buying sexy underwear

Background introduction

Xiaofang is a young woman in her 30s. She usually pays attention to fashion trends and likes to wear sexy clothes.Recently, she decided to buy some sexy underwear to set off her temperament.

Brand selection

Xiaofang searched on the Internet and found that there were many sexy underwear brands on the market, and the price difference was different.She decided to choose some well -known brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, CHANTELLE.

Purchase style

After a simple understanding, Xiaofang found that the style of sexy underwear is rich in style, such as bras, hollow lace, bow decoration, spunting temptation, and so on.She spent a lot of time to choose, and finally chose a sexy hollow lace suit.

Size measurement

Although Xiaofang measures the size every time he buys ordinary underwear, the design of the sexy underwear is generally unique, and the measurement size is essential.Before buying, she carefully measured her bust, lower circumference, buttocks and other data, and finally chose the size that suits herself.

Shop selection

Some sexy underwear brands do not have physical stores in China, and they can only be purchased through the official website or purchasing, but Xiao Fang prefers to touch and try to penetrate the goods by himself.She found a nearby shop and chose a physical store for Victoria’s Secret.

Trial experience

After entering the shop, Xiaofang was attracted by colorful sexy underwear.She chose a few styles she likes. When trying it on, I found that sexy underwear is generally tight, but if the size is appropriate, it is very comfortable when putting on.

Purchase decision

Xiaofang tried a lot of sexy underwear, and finally decided to buy a sexy hollow lace suit.Although the price is expensive, she feels that she deserves a beautiful sexy underwear.

Recommended with

After buying a sexy underwear, Xiaofang began to think about how to match it correctly.She decided to choose some simple black underwear to highlight the beauty and sexy of the suit.


Xiaofang is very satisfied with the sexy underwear they bought this time. When wearing it, I feel very confident and beautiful.She feels that sexy underwear is not only a kind of wear, but also a manifestation of mood and confidence.


If you also need to buy sexy underwear, it is recommended to understand the brand and size information first, and choose the style and size that suits you.At the same time, choose regular stores or official channels to avoid being infringed by cottage products.

in conclusion

Sexy underwear is a high -level and sexy wearable product that allows women to show their charm and self -confidence.If you want to buy sexy underwear, you can refer to the above purchase suggestions, choose the brand and style that suits you, and feel your beauty.

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