The teacher asked me to wear sexy underwear

Background introduction

I am a college student, with economical constraints. In order to make tuition, I found a tutor.One day, one of my female students made a strange request to me, and she asked me to wear sex underwear.

My doubt

I was very confused at the time and didn’t know how to deal with it.I have never worn sexy underwear, let alone how to buy and match.I started to doubt the legitimacy of this request, but I didn’t want to offend students and her parents.

Get professional knowledge

I decided to find some sexy underwear experts to seek their opinions.I searched some information and read some related articles and forum posts.Through these understanding, I know the different types, materials and matching methods of sexy underwear.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

After I learned about relevant knowledge, I started to buy suitable sexy underwear.I first determined my figure and preferences, and then chose a sexy underwear that suits me.I chose a black lace sexy underwear, which is both sexy and elegant.

With clothing

Sex underwear needs to be paired with clothing, otherwise it will lose its charm.I chose a short skirt and high -heeled shoes to match my sexy underwear.In this way, after I put on sexy underwear, the whole person becomes more confident and sexy.

Display style

Everyone’s style is different, and I am no exception.In order to show my style, I chose accessories with sexy underwear.I chose some exquisite necklaces, bracelets and earrings to make myself look more stylish.

Presentation effect

I started trying to penetrate my erotic underwear and observe the effect.I found that the black lace erotic underwear fits my figure and is very sexy.My skin looks fair and smooth.This effect is very satisfactory.

Facing students

When I was wearing a sexy lingerie to visit the student, she was very satisfied.She thinks I am both sexy and rigorous, and especially suitable for family teachers.I am also very happy and feel that my choice is correct.

Lessons Learned

Through this experience, I realized that learning and understanding of professional knowledge is very important.Only by understanding and learning can we be proficient in knowledge and make correct decisions.In addition, wearing a sexy underwear that suits you can improve self -confidence and charm, and become a more confident and positive person.

different perspectives

Of course, everyone’s views on sexy underwear are different.Some people think that sexy underwear is vulgar and obscene things, and it should not exist, but many people think that sexy underwear is a means to increase life fun and improve sex.In any view, we should respect each other’s choices and preferences.

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