There are wholesale sexy underwear in Beijing

1. Quota underwear wholesale market

Beijing is a city with a variety of culture and a dynamic city. In this city, the sexy underwear market has always been very prosperous.If you want to wholesale sex underwear, then you should first go to the sex underwear wholesale market.

2. Dunhuang wholesale market

The Dunhuang wholesale market is one of the largest wholesale markets in Beijing and one of the popular places for sex underwear wholesale.This market brings together rich erotic underwear brands and product quality assurance.

3. Spring Market

Zhanchun market is also a wholesale market that combines various sexy lingerie brands, and the price is more reasonable.The wholesalers here are strong. If you are a novice wholesaler, you can go here to buy.

4. Liangyou Trading City

The Liangyou Trading City is one of the Sales Markets of the Fun underwear. The wholesalers here are more gathering, so there are more choices.In addition, if you come from a foreign -foreign or foreign wholesalers, you can live in a hotel here, which is very convenient.

5. Asian Games Village Clothing Wholesale Market

The Asian Games Village clothing wholesale market is a relatively small market, but there are many sexy underwear brands here, and the prices are relatively affordable.If you want to wholesale more niche brands or styles, you can come here to see.

6. Jinyuan Commercial City

Jinyuan Trade City is an integrated business city market, which has a fun underwear area.Many sexy lingerie brands appear here, and the price is relatively affordable.

7. Guangqumen New Shopping Mall

Guangqumen’s new shopping mall is a relatively new shopping mall. The types and quantities of sexy underwear brands are relatively complete, and the price is relatively affordable.If you are a newcomer wholesaler, you can come here to see.

8. Chaoyang Dayue City

Chaoyang Dayue City is a tall shopping mall. There are a lot of sexy underwear areas in the sexual underwear area, and the price is also expensive, but the quality is guaranteed.

9. Taobao

If you don’t want to go out, you can wholesale sexy underwear on Taobao.Taobao has a wealth of sexy underwear brands, the price is relatively reasonable, and it supports goods to pay, which is simple and convenient.

10. Summary

In summary, Beijing’s sexy underwear wholesale market is very prosperous, and wholesalers are more gathering.If you are a sexual underwear wholesaler, you can go to the market to see, or you can choose online channels. I believe you can find the right supplier.

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