Those sexy underwear brands jumping eggs

What is a sexy underwear jumping egg?

Interest underwear jumping refers to a sexual toy of a built -in vibrator, which is usually used with women’s sexy underwear.Egg jumping can inadvertently bring stimuli and pleasure to women, making it easier to reach orgasm.

What are the fun underwear brands have launched egg jumping eggs?

Now, many brands on the market have launched sexy underwear jumping eggs, such as Lelo, We-VIBE, ZALO, SVAKOM, Fun Factory, etc.

What are the types and shapes of egg jumping eggs?

The types and shapes of the jumping eggs are also very different. There are many shapes such as long, spherical, and heart -shaped shapes. The materials also include silicone, ABS plastic, and metal.

What are the use of sexy underwear jumping eggs?

Before using sexy underwear jumping eggs, you need to ensure that it has been charged, then insert the jumping eggs into the interior of the sexy underwear, and adjust the appropriate vibration strength to start using it.Some jumping eggs can also use APP for remote control.

Precautions for purchasing sexy underwear jumping eggs

When choosing sexy underwear jumping eggs, it should be considered in factors such as quality, material, size, shape, function, noise, and comfort.Be sure to choose regular brands and merchants to ensure the quality of the product.

Lelo’s jumping egg-soraya wave

Lelo Soraya Wave uses more advanced WaveMotion technology, creating a more compatible vibration method. At the same time, intelligent technology can also be used to make users more easily control the jumping eggs.

WE-VIBE’s jumping egg-Vibesync

We-Vibe Vibesync is characterized by the mobile phone app to control the vibration strength of the jumping eggs. It can also interact with music, voice, video and other content to create a personalized stimulus experience.

The jumping egg launched by ZALO-sixx

Zalo SIXX is a metal jumping egg, with exquisite appearance and two built -in motors, which can provide strong stimuli.Jumping eggs can also be remotely controlled through the APP to make sexy underwear more convenient.

SVAKOM launched jumping egg -Lva

Svakom Elva uses Svakom Intelligeent Mode technology, which can intelligently adjust the vibration method and frequency of jumping eggs. At the same time, it also adds functions such as remote SMS control, synchronous music and voice control.

Witty Wings launched by Fun Factory

FUN FACTORY WITTY WITTY Wings jumping eggs use wings -shaped design, which can better fit the female body shape and have a variety of vibration strengths, which can meet the needs of different women.

How to clean sexy underwear jumping eggs?

After using the full -meal underwear to jump eggs, take it out, wash it with mild soapy water, and dry it with a clean towel.It is recommended to clean it after each use and put it in a special storage bag for storage.

The future of sexy underwear jumping eggs

With the continuous development of technology, sexy underwear jumping eggs will be more mature and intelligent, with more functions and intelligent control methods, which can better meet women’s needs.

In short, sexy underwear jumping eggs are an innovative and interesting sex toy, which can bring more stimuli and pleasure to women.When buying, you should pay attention to regular brands and merchants, and choose a jumping egg that suits you according to personal needs and experience.

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