Transsexual people wear sexy sheets


Transsexuals are different from people with different gender and agreed gender.They usually use surgery and hormones to achieve physiological transformation, so as to have their identity.However, in daily life, they need to face various challenges, such as how to choose the right underwear.This article will introduce the challenges of transsexual people to wear sexy underwear and how to choose suitable sexy underwear.

Challenge 1: Breast and waist are not matched

For MTF (men’s) transsexuals, because there is no female breast before surgery, they need to wear fake milk stickers to simulate breasts.However, because the bust and waist are not matched, choosing the right sexy underwear is very challenging.If you choose too tight erotic underwear, you will make traces on the waist; if you choose a loose sexy underwear, it will cause the fake milk to fall off.Therefore, transsexuals need to carefully measure their bust and waist circumference to buy the appropriate size sexy underwear.

Challenge 2: nipple and tailoring

For MTF transsexuals, the characteristics, size and color of areola and nipples are usually different from women.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose a tailoring design suitable for areola and nipples.In addition, MTF transsexuals need to pay more attention to the tailoring of waistline and hips to show the beauty of women.

Challenge 3: texture and breathability

Generally, sexy underwear is made of soft fabrics, which is comfortable and personal.But for transsexuals, the texture and breathability of fabrics are very important.For example, fake milk stickers require better air permeability to prevent skin allergies and itching.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, transsexual people must ensure that the fabric is comfortable, breathable, soft, and personal to provide the best comfort.

Challenge 4: Design and color

For transgender people, the design and color of selecting sex underwear are also very important.Usually, women like fancy, fashionable, colorful, or sexy charm, while men usually choose those stable, simple, loose and comfortable underwear.For MTF transsexuals, choosing feminine design and colors can better improve self -confidence and self -esteem, and allow them to better integrate into women’s visual world.

Challenge 5: price and confidentiality

For transgender people, buying sexy underwear also needs to consider the issue of price and confidentiality.Because of the special identity of the transsexual people, they need to protect their privacy carefully, so they need to choose the appropriate purchase channel.At the same time, the price of sexy underwear should also be controlled within a reasonable range to ensure that the economic burden is not heavy.

How to choose suitable sexy underwear

In order to help the transgender people choose the right sexy underwear, we provide the following suggestions:

Suggesty 1: Measurement size

First of all, accurate size needs to be measured, including bust, lower bust, waist, hip, hip height and other data.Only accurate measurement can accurately purchase the appropriate size sexy underwear.

Suggestion 2: Choose the right tailoring

Secondly, you need to choose suitable tailoring.It is recommended to choose the style designed for MTF transsexual people when choosing a sexy underwear to ensure a better fit.

Suggestion three: breathability and comfort

Select fabrics with better breathability and comfort to protect skin and fake milk stickers.For example, cotton fabrics, mesh materials have better breathability and softness.

Suggestion 4: Select feminine design and color

Choose feminine design and color to express self -confidence and self -esteem of female identity.

Suggestion 5: Confidentiality and price

Choose the right purchase channel to ensure privacy and anonymity.At the same time, the price of sexy underwear should also be controlled within a reasonable range to ensure that the economic burden is not excessive.

in conclusion

There are indeed many challenges in transsexual people who wear fun underwear, but by choosing suitable styles, suitable size, suitable fabrics, and suitable colors and designs, the transgender people can get more comfortable and confident dressing feelings.

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