Tuning Wenwen women wear sexy underwear

Tuning Wenwen women wear sexy underwear

In the field of sexy underwear, there is a special gameplay called tuning.The tone refers to changing women’s behavior and habits through a series of actions.To achieve this, sexy underwear has become one of the indispensable props.If you want to try this game, then the next article will introduce you how to adjust the text women’s sexy underwear.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

The first step of tuning is to choose suitable sexy underwear.Here, we need to consider the character and body of the literary girl.If Wen Nu is more introverted, we can choose a relatively low -key but unique sexy underwear.If Wen Nu is more outgoing, we can choose more sexy sexy underwear.In addition, you also need to understand the characteristics of Wen Nu, choose the right style and size.

Show sexy sheet

The second step of tuning is to show erotic underwear.After choosing the right sexy underwear, we need to take the initiative to show the daughter of the literary girl.You can choose to put underwear at the right position or let the Wenni see underwear at the right time.Through frequent display of erotic lingerie, the literary girls are gradually interested in these underwear.

Guide Wen Nu to wear sexy underwear

The third step of training is to guide Wen Nu to wear sexy underwear.After the first two steps, we need to let Wen Nu feel the pleasure of wearing a sexy underwear.By proper guidance, help Wen Nu put on sexy underwear to enhance the experience of wearing sexy underwear.You can start with styles and colors to meet the preferences and needs of literary women as much as possible.

Gradually promote sexy underwear

The fourth step of tuning is to gradually promote sexy underwear.After trying to penetrate the appropriate sexy underwear, we have to make Wen girls feel recognition of these underwear and let her like these underwear.You can first buy some sexy underwear with a small number, relatively low -key style, and moderate price, and gradually guide the literary girl to develop in this direction.

Do not force

The process of tuning is interesting, but you also need to pay attention to some constraints.In the process of tuning, we must respect the wishes of the literary girl, and do not force Wenni to wear sexy underwear.If Wen Nu is not interested in this gameplay or refuses to wear sex underwear, we also need to respect her opinion.

Frequent new

In order to maintain the freshness of training, we need to constantly update sexy underwear.You can buy new sexy underwear regularly, or buy a close sexy underwear related to the emotional association with Wen Nu.Under the stimulus of new sex lingerie, Wen Nu is likely to have a stronger interest in this gameplay.

Innovative gameplay

The tuning of erotic underwear is not just a problem of wearing. We can lead the training to a deeper area.You can continuously innovate the gameplay by changing the environment, increasing interaction, and increasing stimuli.As long as we are creative enough, we can make the tuning of sexy underwear more interesting.

Enter a point of view

Tuning Wen Nu’s sexy underwear requires patience and skills, respects the opinions and needs of Wen Nu, and avoid excessively forcing Wen Nu to wear sex underwear.Through correct guidance and innovative gameplay, we can make the tuning of sex underwear more interesting and fulfilling.

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