Video of sexy underwear in the Republic of China

History background

During the Republic of China, sexy underwear gradually entered people’s vision.At that time, the fashion trend and aesthetic concept gave birth to the emergence of such clothing, but this novel underwear was still controversial in the concept of the time.

Style and design

During the Republic of China, the style and design of sexy underwear can be said to be unique.These underwear use a large number of high -end fabrics such as lace and silk, and at the same time, it is also designed to be unique, focusing on tailoring and details.


Some fashionistas and ladies wearing sexy underwear, slowly sexy underwear became the standard for some literary women at that time.However, this kind of clothing was still very avant -garde at the time and was very controversial.

Wearing occasion

In social occasions at the time, women chose to wear sexy underwear.In most cases, this underwear is used in some private occasions, such as sexual activities between lover.Moreover, this kind of clothing was too "bold" in the eyes of ordinary people at that time.

Influence inheritance

Although the popularity of sexy underwear at that time was limited, it had a profound impact on the later clothing design.Nowadays, many clothing designers will also draw inspiration from the fun underwear during the Republic of China to inherit and carry forward such a unique design style.

cultural connotation

In addition to fashion elements, some cultural connotations have also been incorporated in sexy underwear.For example, some poems and art works during the Republic of China have become the object of reference and promotion of designers from it, and injecting deeper cultural connotations into sexy underwear.

market situation

Nowadays, sexy underwear has become a very mature market. Not only is it a sex shop, many clothing stores or online e -commerce have also begun to sell this product.At present, the sexy lingerie style and design in the market are very diverse. It has different styles such as sexy, romantic to strong teasing, and is suitable for people with different ages and different needs.

Brand recommendation

In the market, there are many types of sexy underwear.Brands such as Fengdian, Empty Love, Qixi Poems, ABBIFOX and other brands are deeply loved by consumers. Their product styles and design are very fashionable, and their quality and feel are very good.

Wearing skills

Wearing sexy underwear requires certain skills.First of all, choose the suitable style and size to ensure that we will not feel uncomfortable when wearing; second, pay attention to matching. Fund underwear often needs to be matched with other clothing to make the overall effect better.

Future trends

In the future, there is still a lot of room for development in the sexy underwear market.As consumers’ requirements for quality and services are getting higher and higher, sexy underwear brand manufacturers will pay more attention to product development and production, making products more fashionable and comfortable, and is favored by consumers.


Although sexy underwear was a very controversial topic in the social concept at the time, this unique clothing had become an indispensable part of the fashion and cultural circles.Whether it is wearing or design, sexy underwear has a very important position.In the future, sexy underwear will continue to welcome more challenges and opportunities, becoming an important part of fashion and culture.

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