Vipshop does not sell sexy underwear


Founded in 2010, Vipshop is one of China’s largest special specialty malls, with more than 3,000 brands and 60,000 suppliers.However, recent Vipshop said they would not sell sexy underwear, which aroused some attention and controversy.In this article, we will explore the reasons and possible impacts that Vipshop decides not to sell sexy underwear.

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a specially designed women’s underwear, usually with a more sexy and exposed appearance.Interest underwear is usually a way to enhance sexual experience, and it can also improve confidence and self -feelings in private moments.However, because they involve physical and sexual problems, sexy underwear has been widely criticized in some cultures, and it has also become a tool for online harassment.

Vipshop cancel the sales of sexy underwear

Vipshop has recently decided to abandon sales of sexy underwear. The news was released by Vipshop on its official Weibo.They did not give any specific reasons, but simply released a sentence: "Vipshop will no longer sell sexy underwear."

is it legal?

Vipshop decides that it is completely legal to not sell sexy underwear.As a private enterprise, they have the right to choose which products to sell on their platforms and which are not sold.Vipshop has made this decision, and they have the right to decide whether to change the policy.

Vipshop guarantees the interests of consumers and brands

Vipshop may cancel sales of sexy underwear because they want to protect the rights and interests of consumers and brands.Sex underwear usually has more mature sexual pleasure related content. Vipshop may think that these contents are not suitable for their business brand image.And sexy underwear has a high return rate, which means that Vipshop may require more return costs to deal with these recycling items.Vipshop decides not to sell sexy underwear to ensure the interests of consumers and brands.

The influence of star endorsement

Some well -known celebrities have spoke to Vipshop’s sexy underwear products, and this decision may make their business relationships challenged.However, it should be noted that many celebrities’ endorsements do not need to sell sexy underwear, and there is no need to please these people.They are more likely to cooperate with Vipshop and continue to promote the influence of the brand in other respects.

The prospect of sexy underwear market

The sex underwear market is a large -scale expanding market.Taobao and Tmall, a brand of Alibaba Group, are important platforms for the development of sexy underwear.However, Vipshop may think that sexy underwear products do not meet their existing business positioning and strategies.

The trend of further entering the Chinese market

Many sexy underwear brands are increasingly paying attention to the potential of the Chinese market, hoping to use Alibaba and other online channels to further achieve development.This trend also exists in the United States, because many foreign sex lingerie brands hope to enter the Chinese market through these channels.Vipshop does not sell sexy underwear, which may have a certain impact on these brands, but it will not change its market size growth momentum.


Although some people may think that Vipshop does not sell sexy underwear is an irrational business decision, but through the analysis of marketing strategies, commercial positioning and risk ratio, Vipshop may think that this is the most protecting consumer and brand interests.Good decision.The sexy underwear market is a rapidly developing market, but it is not suitable for every brand.Vipshop chooses to withdraw from this market. This is their own business decisions. We should respect their decision.

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