Wang Miya’s same sexy sheets

Wang Miya’s same sexy underwear introduction

Wang Miya is a very well -known fashion blogger in China. She not only has excellent wearing skills, but also has a proud figure.Therefore, the sexy underwear she shared on social media can always attract the attention of many fans.Here are a few introduction to the same sexy underwear of Wang Miya.

Deep V transparent model

This kind of sexy underwear is a favorite of Wang Mia. It uses a transparent material, with deep V design, sexy.At the same time, the back also adopts transparent design, leaving people to leave more reveries in the conjecture.


Lace is a classic design element of sexy underwear, and Wang Miya’s sexy underwear is no exception.This underwear uses lace as the main design element, with exquisite design and sexy charm.In terms of color, you can choose a variety of colors such as black and white, pink, red.

Hollow design style

The hollow design is a very unique design, which makes the design of the underwear more fashionable.This sexy underwear can choose a suspender style or off -the -shoulder style, plus hollow design, which is more sexy.In terms of material, comfortable and personal fabrics are used to wear comfortable and easy to clean.

Strap design style

The strap design is another relatively unique design, which makes the underwear more fashionable in design.This sexy underwear uses fine rope or broadband as a design element, with deep V or hollow design, which is extremely sexy.

Leather style

Leather sex lingerie is a rare type, but for some sexy and bold women, this underwear is still very attractive.The leather sex lingerie uses exquisite leather materials, which is exquisitely designed and impressive.


Conjusational underwear always makes people feel sexy and bold. This kind of sexy underwear adopts a completely personal design, which can fully display the figure curve.In terms of design, a variety of elements such as lace, hollow, and transparent are sexy.


Funding underwear is a relatively common type, but it can also make it look different through design elements.This underwear can be designed with a slit or transparent design, with elements such as lace or strap on the chest to make it more sexy.

Shaping style

The design of shaping sexy underwear focuses on the modification of the figure, which can make the figure more perfect.In terms of design, transparent or hollow elements can be used to be sexy.

Men and women’s sexy underwear suits

Men and women’s sexy lingerie set is a relatively special underwear, which allows couples to increase interest in sex.In terms of design, it can be designed with transparent, slit, straps, lace and other design elements, with strong interest.

Sexy or exposed?

When choosing the style of sexy underwear, you must choose according to your body and personality. Although the sexy style is very attractive, it will appear exposed if you don’t wear it well.Therefore, you still need to choose a style that suits you.

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