Wang Yu pure sexy underwear photo picture


Wang Yuchun is a Chinese underwear model and actor. She has served as the host and guests in TV shows such as "Peerless BRA" and "Model Model".Its masterpiece in sexy and sexy lingerie is the sexy underwear photo of its shooting. Today we will enjoy these photos together.

Source of sexy underwear

情趣内衣的来源其实可以追溯到古代,最早出现的情趣内衣是为了增加性爱的乐趣而设计的,但随着时代的变化,情趣内衣也逐渐演化出了更多的款式和用途,成为了一种Fashion and sexy representatives.

Wang Yuchun’s sexy underwear photo

In Wang Yuchun’s sexy underwear photo, there are many extremely sexy styles, such as G-String, transparent lace, half cup, etc., highlighting the sexy and beautiful figure of women, which is memorable.

Sex of sex underwear

Interesting underwear can be divided into three categories, namely beautiful women’s sexy underwear, European and American sex lingerie and adult sexy underwear.Each type of sexy underwear has its unique characteristics and applicable occasions. When choosing, you can refer to your own needs and style.

Beauty sexy sheet

Beautiful women’s sexy lingerie often pursues sexy and beautiful, pays attention to details and tailoring. It is often matched with thin and transparent materials and soft textures, emphasizing women’s sexy and curve beauty.

Adult sexy underwear

Adult sex lingerie pays more attention to function and practicality, including jumping eggs, handcuffs, restraint products, etc., which are suitable for special sex occasions and needs.This kind of sexy underwear needs to pay attention to ensuring materials and health and safety.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear takes care of sexy and luxurious, focusing on the polishing and design of details, with various styles, such as chest stickers, decorative bands, etc., with various styles and occasions.

Precautions for selecting sex underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is your body and size to avoid being too tight or loose.Secondly, you must choose sexy underwear suitable for your own style and occasions to avoid being too fancy or open.In addition, pay attention to the selection and health of the material.


Sexy underwear is a stylish and sexy representative. As long as it is selected and worn correctly, it can show women’s curve beauty and sexy charm.However, it should be noted that erotic underwear is not applicable to everyone, and you must choose according to your own needs and body characteristics.

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