Washing erotic underwear

Washing erotic underwear

Interest underwear is an important part of modern culture.Romantic design and sexy details show a freedom and attempt beyond daily life.Considering the production materials and design of sexy lingerie, the correct drying method is also very important for its long -term storage and comfort.This article will introduce some methods for drying sexy underwear.What’s more?

Choose the appropriate material

First of all, when we consider how to dry the sexy underwear, we need to master some basic knowledge about sexy underwear production materials first.Most erotic underwear is made of fabrics such as silk, cotton silk, lace, so we need to pay special attention to the characteristics of the material when drying.

Hand washing sexy underwear

Even if most sexy underwear is usually marked with "machine washing", long -term practice has shown that hand -washing sexy underwear can better protect its fabrics and shapes.When washing, please use natural soap or special laundry, and facing the opposite side of the sexy underwear, first reduce the underwear to the water, and gently press the cleaning items.

Gently squeeze the plug biscuit

When you are ready to dry your underwear, squeeze it gently to eliminate excess water.Do not press the details or stuff the underwear in the wardrobe with heavy objects to accelerate the drying process.On the contrary, for those sexy underwear with a given shape, some biscuits can be stuffed in the cup to help restore its shape and get a better dressing experience.

Do not use the dryer

The tropical material of sexy underwear makes it very vulnerable to damage or deformation. High -temperature dryers may destroy the lace, elasticity, and even inducing jewelry or lace to fall off.We strongly recommend that you try to avoid using the dryer as much as possible, but to dry it manually.

Natural drying

The best way is to flatten the fun underwear in a cool and ventilated place, or hang in a cool and dry place indoors.In order to prevent the fading or dispersing of sexy underwear, it is best to hang or place together in a complete set of sexy underwear.In the summer, you can use a steel hook to hang the sexy underwear under the trees or balcony direct -free trees to avoid sunbathing. At the same time, put some towels below to absorb excess water.

Avoid using a clip

Although the use of a clip can make the sexy underwear faster, it will cause damage to the materials, especially to the lace.Instead, you can use the drying rack specially designed for underwear.This drying rack hangs the sexy underwear on the back of the underwear and provides the need for air flow to quickly evaporate the moisture.

Avoid using soft agents

Although we often use a variety of soft agents to make clothes softer, it is unwise for sexy underwear, because it may cause sexy underwear to deform or lose specific shapes.In addition, soft agents may also affect the breathability and cleanliness of underwear.Therefore, try to avoid the use of soft agents.

Regular inspection

Finally, in order to ensure the freshness of sexy underwear, you also need to check the sexy underwear regularly to ensure that its manufacturing materials are still intact.If there is wear, dehydration or other damage, repair or replace it according to its material.If your sexy underwear is just stained, you can use a cleaning agent to clean it.However, before the implementation, please check whether the detergent is suitable for fabric materials.

in conclusion

After our introduction, you should now master how to dry the sexy underwear.The production materials and design styles of sexy underwear make it more cautious during drying.The correct drying method not only helps extend the life of sexy underwear, but also provides a more comfortable and confident experience.

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