Wear sex underwear by H

Wear sex underwear by H

Adding an appropriate amount of stimulation and changes in couples will help regulate emotions, increase interest, and make emotions more stable and long.Interest underwear is one of them. In addition to adding sexy, wearing sexy underwear can also regulate the physical and mental role.In continuous experiments, maybe you will find how exciting wearing a sexy underwear to be "h" is "H".Below, we will explain in -depth how to make good use of sexy underwear to achieve higher sexual enjoyment.

1. Select the right size (size size)

The most basic operation of wearing sex underwear is to choose the right size.If the size is too small, it is easy to squeeze the body out and affect the beauty; if the size is too large, it will lose the sexy effect, so you must try it on when you buy it.

2. style selection (sexy underwear in different styles)

Interest underwear can be divided into complete sets and mixed styles.The complete style style is unified, and the overall beauty is strong; mixed matching is more personalized and different from person to person.

3. Color selection (pink, black, red, purple, etc.)

Different colors, the meaning of sexy underwear is also different.Pink innocent and cute, black mysterious enchanting, red full of passion, purple elegant and noble.Choosing sexy underwear of different colors can give people different visual enjoyment.

4. Material (lace, yarn, etc.)

There are many fabrics in erotic underwear, such as lace, yarn, etc.The color and material of the fabric can affect the creation of the overall atmosphere.

5. Match (high heel, toy, etc.)

Wearing erotic underwear should not only pay attention to the beauty of the underwear itself, but also pay attention to other elements that are matched with it.High -heeled shoes, toys, whip, etc. can increase the atmosphere.

6. Pay attention (uncomfortable, how to adjust)

Pay attention to the wearing of sexy underwear. If you feel uncomfortable or improperly adjusted, it will often affect the sex experience.When you feel uncomfortable, adjust it in time.

7. different positions of H (sitting, lying, etc.)

Interest underwear can bring more fun to men and women, and different positions can bring different benefits.When wearing a sex underwear, you can choose different positions to increase fun, such as sitting and lying.

8. Psychological preparation for both parties (feelings of both parties, etc.)

Wearing a sex underwear is prepared by the psychological preparation of both parties, and it needs to be based on the joy of both parties.Communicate before experiencing, understand the other party’s feelings, and avoid accidents.

9. Safety prevention (prevention of allergies, etc.)

When using sexy underwear, you must pay attention to hygiene and safety and keep clean.Allergies should be done well. If there is discomfort, you should seek medical treatment in time.

10. Sexual point of view

All enjoyment is based on sex, and sex contains many things related to our human feelings.Therefore, we must focus on maintaining goodness, respect and trust between people under the premise of maintaining good health and enjoyment.Good sexual concepts and methods can help us build a better emotional life in our lives.

The above is an introduction to wearing a sexy underwear.During the test, everyone should find their most comfortable way to wear to bring more surprises and enjoyment to each other.

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