Wear sex underwear dry farm work


As a means of increasing interest and sex, sexy underwear is often worn by people.However, have you ever thought about doing something unusual in sexy underwear, such as doing farming?

Selection of sexy underwear

First of all, we need to choose a soft and comfortable material to wear sexy underwear.Some breathable cotton or silk -quality sexy underwear is a good choice.In addition, try not to wear too bright colors, so as not to attract the attention of others during the work process.

Keep clean and clean

Before wearing a sexy lingerie, we must ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of sexy underwear.During the farm work, it may be exposed to unclean substances such as soil and sewage, so you must replace underwear regularly to keep clean and dry.

Choose the right style

Due to the need to do undulating movements during the farm work, some styles of sexy underwear that are too naked may fall, affecting the safety and comfort of the wearer.Therefore, it is especially important to choose the right style.Some erotic underwear for some waist and abdomen design is a good choice.

Avoid too tight sexy underwear

The tight -fitting lingerie can cause unnecessary pressure on the body, which may cause the wearer to have discomfort and fatigue during the farming process.Therefore, we should choose some loose and loose sexy underwear to ensure the comfort of the body.

Pay attention to breathing and physical condition

During the farm work, physical condition and breathing are very important.Pay attention to keeping your own breathing and physical condition, and do not be too nervous or uncomfortable because wearing sexy underwear.

Reasonable distribution of labor intensity

Based on the physical strength and work experience of the wearer, reasonably allocate labor intensity, do not make sexy underwear a barrier to work, affecting labor efficiency.Reasonable arrangement of labor intensity is conducive to physical health, and it is also conducive to improving work efficiency.

Choose the appropriate workplace

Not all farm work is suitable for finishing sexy underwear.Especially in public places or tasks that need to work with others, wearing sexy underwear will look particularly inappropriate.Therefore, when choosing a workplace, you must be careful.

Keep confidence and optimism

Different experiences of unusual experience may bring some uncomfortable emotions.However, believe that you are the best, maintaining a confidence and optimism, not only can you not only make yourself more agile and free, but also increase your attractiveness.


Wearing a sexy underwear to do farm work is an unusual experience.By choosing the appropriate material and style, keep it clean and comfortable, pay attention to physical condition and workplace, reasonably allocate labor intensity, and maintain confidence and optimism. We can add a lot of interest and fun when working in the wild.

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