Wear sex underwear in the community

Wear sex underwear in the community

As an expert in sexy underwear, I often receive questions about whether wearing sexy underwear.For a long time, people’s attitude towards wearing sexy underwear is still a bit conservative, especially wearing in the community.So, in the community, is it appropriate or inappropriate?Below I will answer this question from multiple angles.

You need to be cautious to wear sexy underwear

Walking into the public area wearing a sexy underwear will indeed get the strange vision of others.Especially in the community, everyone’s living space is relatively narrow, which is more likely to attract the attention of neighbors.Therefore, we need to choose the right time and occasions to wear sexy underwear.

Family private space can wear fun underwear

Home is our most private space, so wearing sexy underwear at home is completely possible.As long as the window is not opened, the neighbors cannot see it.Moreover, wearing sexy underwear at your own home can bring interest and surprise.

Don’t wear sexy underwear in public

In public places in the community, such as corridors, elevators, garbage stations, etc., it is not recommended to wear sexy underwear.These places are regions with frequent personnel flow. When you meet your neighbors, you will feel embarrassed, and at the same time make your neighbors feel uncomfortable.

Choose a moderate sexy underwear

If you want to wear sexy underwear in the community, you can choose some moderate and colorful sexy underwear.For example, low -key nude underwear, creative lace underwear, avoid choosing excessive sexy and exposed styles, which leaves an exaggerated and decent impression.

Pay attention to the choice of underwear

Wearing a fun underwear in the community, in addition to the top, underwear also needs to pay attention to.Try to choose the right underwear, especially the excessively exposed styles such as boiler pants and thongs.Pink, red and other bright panties are easier to attract attention. It is recommended to choose low -key colors such as nude and black to reduce neighbor’s discomfort.

Knowing the situation of neighbors in -depth

When wearing sex underwear, you need to understand the situation of the surrounding neighbors.If the surrounding residents are more conservative and do not like strange behaviors, then pay more attention to avoid conflicts.If the surrounding residents are more open, this behavior may be accepted as an entertainment method.

Don’t leave a bad impression on children

Wear sex underwear in the community, don’t let children see it.They are very curious. If you see your erotic underwear, you may cause unnecessary confusion and misunderstandings to give them bad impression.

Parent to control the time to wear sexy underwear

Women may get more self -confidence and charm when wearing sexy underwear, but pay attention to controlling time.If you wear it too long, it will make the neighbors who meet the sexy underwear uncomfortable, which will affect your normal communication and friendly relationship with your neighbors.

my point of view

In short, you need to be cautious to wear sexy underwear in the community.If you really want to wear sexy underwear, choose the right time, occasion and style, and control the time as much as possible to avoid affecting the relationship with the neighbor.However, if you are not very sure, you should avoid it as much as possible. Do not adventure to challenge the bottom line of neighborhood relations.

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