Wear sex underwear out of anime

Wear sex underwear out of anime

Anime exhibition is a very favorite event for many anime fans. Whether it is cosplay or buying peripherals, they can satisfy their love for animation.At the animation exhibition, wearing sexy sexy underwear is a bold and trendy attempt.Below, this article will introduce you in detail the characteristics and precautions of wearing a fun underwear.

1. Why do you wear sexy underwear?

Falling underwear is a clothing that enhances sex and sexy, and putting on them can make people feel more confident and sexy.At the animation exhibition, many people like to wear cosplay, and wearing sexy underwear can fit the sexy temperament of the character more.

2. Choose the right sexy lingerie style

Before participating in the exhibition, you need to choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style to satisfy the atmosphere of going out anime.Choose the style according to your body characteristics and the character of the exhibition.For example, selective sexy underwear suits, lace corset, net socks suit and other styles.

Third, matching clothing

As a underwear, sexy underwear cannot be worn alone, and needs to be paired with other clothing.You can choose sexy dresses, puff skirts, etc. to strengthen the overall sexy feeling.

Fourth, pay attention to the combination of clothes

When choosing a matching clothes, you need to pay attention to the overall matching style, as well as the harmony between clothes and sexy underwear.If it is too dazzling or too weird, it may cause the dislike of people onlookers.

Fifth, match the right shoes

It is also very important to choose the right shoes. You can choose high -heeled shoes or short boots and other styles to create a more sexy and noble feeling.

6. Makeup should be suitable for characters

When participating in the exhibition, makeup also needs to be made according to the character characteristics of the character.You can choose bright eye shadows and lipsticks to enhance the overall sexy temperament.

Seven, pay attention to occasions

Although the animation exhibition is a relatively free and loose occasion, it also needs to pay attention to the characteristics of the occasion.When choosing a sexy lingerie style, you need to pay attention not to choose a style that is too exposed and too sexy, otherwise it may cause other people’s onlookers or discomfort.

8. Don’t be too show

When participating in the exhibition, wearing a sexy underwear can make people feel confident and sexy, but you also need to pay attention not to show too much.You should keep yourself in a natural and elegant state, so that people pay more attention to character personality and characteristics.


It is a bold and unique attempt to wear anime underwear. It can increase self -confidence to the exhibitors and make the overall matching more sexy and charming.But you need to pay attention to the comfort of the body and the harmony of matching, not too dazzling and exposing.The most important thing is to respect the occasions and others, and keep the active order and correct values.

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