Wear skirts and sexy underwear

Wear skirts and sexy underwear

Wearing a skirt is a beautiful display of women, but with sexy underwear is an important part of the beautiful skirt.Below, we will talk about the precautions of wearing skirts and sexy underwear and panties from different perspectives.

1. Appropriate size

Wearing sex underwear and panties, pay special attention to whether the size is appropriate.Excessive size or too small will make the underwear and panties not close enough, affecting the appearance effect.The appropriate size makes underwear and underwear more comfortable, and also increases the confidence of wearing.

2. Be confident in wear

Wearing sexy underwear and underwear is to increase self -confidence and charm.Unconfident wear will affect the state and temperament of the whole person.Wearing sexy underwear and underwear should dare to show your beauty and show your self -confidence.

3. Color matching

Colors can express the inner temperament and characteristics.When mating with sexy underwear, pay attention to the color matching of the color and skirt to achieve the overall aesthetic effect.The choice of color should consider your skin tone and find complementary and balance in color.

4. Comfortable material

The material is the most direct impact on the skin. Wearing comfortable materials will make you feel more comfortable, and at the same time, your body will look better.Before wearing, you need to understand the quality and comfort of the material, and choose underwear and underwear suitable for your skin.

5. Suitable occasion

The application of underwear and underwear also needs to be considered. For different occasions, you need to choose different underwear underwear to reflect your own attitude.Some formal occasions can choose relatively simple underwear panties, and some casual occasions can choose stylish underwear panties.

6. The style must be consistent

The style of skirts can affect the choice of underwear and underwear. When choosing underwear and underwear, you need to choose the appropriate style and style according to the style and type of the skirt.The consistency of the overall style can make it more comfortable to wear.

7. Process design

The craft design of erotic underwear and underwear needs to be considered. Good design can make wearing more decent, making underwear and underwear more suitable for different occasions.Good design can make the wearer more spiritual and more comfortable.

8. Overall matching

The dressing of skirts and underwear and underwear needs to be considered as a whole. It is necessary to notice the matching of colors, styles and materials to increase the overall aesthetic effect.The overall match is unique, which can make the wearer more confident.

Conclusion: Pay attention to the choice of underwear and underwear in skirts to better show your own personality and charm.We must be confident and decent with your own comfort.Pay attention to some basic principles and matching skills, wearing skirts and sexy underwear and panties will become more beautiful.

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