Wearing sex lingerie to please others

Understand the foundation of love underwear

Interest underwear is a underwear that can add sexuality. It usually uses a relatively unique design and is reflected in lace trim, leather, silk, etc.Wearing erotic underwear can sometimes be regarded as a sexy, flying inner behavior, not to please others.

Don’t pay too much attention to the external effect

When choosing a sexy underwear, don’t consider the external effect too much, but ignore the comfort of the underwear.Because you put on uncomfortable sexy underwear, you may make your sex process very painful.Therefore, before buying sexy underwear, be sure to choose the size and comfort that suits you.

Choose a style that suits you

There are many different styles of sexy underwear, including socks, underwear, hanging sticks, bras, coats, etc., as well as strongly practical restraint sexy underwear.When selecting styles, decide according to your preferences and needs.

Choose the color that suits you

The color of sexy underwear is also very important, and the color can have an important impact on personal psychology and sexy.The sexy degree of different colors is also different. For example, black can make people look more attractive, and white is more pure.

Focus on the quality of materials

The quality of the material of sexy underwear will also affect comfort. Different materials are suitable for different needs. For example, sexy lingerie in leather texture will be more suitable for couples who like SM, and the texture of cotton texture is more suitable for usual wear.

Suitable occasion

Sex underwear is not suitable for all situations. Wearing erotic underwear needs to be matched with suitable occasions.In pure dating or formal occasions, it is not appropriate to wear sexy underwear.Wearing sexy underwear is suitable for relaxation and communication intimate occasions.

Discover your unique style

Everyone has a unique style and taste. It is very important to find their own style and choose a sexy lingerie style that suits them.Don’t be affected by the choice of others. You must have your own style and ideas so that you can be confident and comfortable when wearing sexy underwear.

Choose the right sexy underwear with your lover

Selecting sexy underwear suitable for two people with her lover can not only enhance their feelings, but also better meet the needs of both parties.When selecting styles, colors, and materials, you can communicate and understand each other’s preferences and ideas.

Master the maintenance method of underwear

For different materials, the maintenance methods of sexy underwear are also different.For example, when the silk needs to be carefully cleaned to avoid wear, the sexy underwear in the leather texture requires special cleaning agents. Do not wash it at will.Mastering the maintenance method of sexy underwear can help extend its life.

in conclusion:

Wearing erotic underwear is not to please others, but to better express personality and enhance feelings.It is very important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your preferences and needs. At the same time, you must also pay attention to comfort and maintenance methods, so as to wear confidence and charm.

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