Wedding dress Chinese women’s sexy underwear map

Wedding is the dream of every girl, and as a bride, you want to be perfect in your big days.The perfect wedding dress is inseparable from a suitable sexy underwear.The popularity of Chinese weddings makes wedding dresses more decent with a Chinese -style sexy underwear, without losing elegance.Next, I will introduce Chinese women’s sexy underwear maps.

Paragraph 1: Features of Chinese Women’s Wonderful Lingerie

Chinese female sexy underwear uses traditional Chinese elements. It is commonly based on koi, goldfish, lotus and other patterns. Flowers, birds, phoenixes, dragon patterns, etc. are also typical elements in Chinese female sexy underwear.The meticulous embroidery and gold silk satin fabrics make the sexy underwear more luxurious and gentle.

The second paragraph: the perfect combination of sexy and classic

Chinese female sexy underwear not only highlights the sexy of women, but also the reflection of classic and elegant.This underwear is not only suitable for Chinese weddings, but also can be worn on dating, party, dinner, etc., making you more attractive.

The third paragraph: different thickness underwear is suitable for different figures

Women’s body has various shapes such as short, tall, big buttocks, flat chest and other shapes.Chinese female sexy underwear has designed different thickness fabrics according to different body needs.Choosing the right sexy underwear can be helpful to highlight the advantages of the figure.

The fourth paragraph: different colors represent different meanings

Most of the colors of Chinese female sexy underwear are mainly red because red represents festiveness and enthusiasm.It also has the design of colors such as black, white, golden yellow, etc. Different colors represent different meanings. You can choose the most suitable color according to your own personality.

Fifth paragraph: high -end underwear is more quality

The high -end brand’s Chinese -style female sexy underwear uses high -quality fabrics and tailoring, which can retain the body curve to the greatest extent.High -end underwear also has different styles, which can meet different needs.

Section 6: Details with Chinese wedding dresses

Chinese wedding dresses usually include lace, crystal, beads and other details.Interest underwear should also be matched with it so that it can be better integrated into the entire wedding dress.In this way, the whole person will emit a strong Chinese style.

Seventh paragraph: How to choose the correct size

It is important to choose the correct size. Only by choosing the right size can it be more comfortable and free.Tailoring when buying wedding underwear.Many brands provide professional tailor -made services, and you can customize according to your needs.

Eighth paragraph: maintenance Chinese women’s sexy underwear

Most of the fabrics of Chinese female sexy underwear are exquisite fabrics such as gold silk satin and velvet, so they need to be more careful.It is best to wash it with hand, choose the right detergent, and keep the process mild.Avoid friction and pull to ensure its beautiful state.


Chinese female sexy underwear is one of the key to perfect wedding shapes. It not only reflects sexy, classic, elegant, but also reflects a strong Chinese culture.It will add a lot of highlights to wear on weddings, date, dinner, etc.

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